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Package envcmd implements the “go env” command.



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var CmdEnv = &base.Command{
	UsageLine: "go env [-json] [-u] [-w] [var ...]",
	Short:     "print Go environment information",
	Long: `
Env prints Go environment information.

By default env prints information as a shell script
(on Windows, a batch file). If one or more variable
names is given as arguments, env prints the value of
each named variable on its own line.

The -json flag prints the environment in JSON format
instead of as a shell script.

The -u flag requires one or more arguments and unsets
the default setting for the named environment variables,
if one has been set with 'go env -w'.

The -w flag requires one or more arguments of the
form NAME=VALUE and changes the default settings
of the named environment variables to the given values.

For more about environment variables, see 'go help environment'.


func ExtraEnvVars

func ExtraEnvVars() []cfg.EnvVar

ExtraEnvVars returns environment variables that should not leak into child processes.

func ExtraEnvVarsCostly added in go1.11

func ExtraEnvVarsCostly() []cfg.EnvVar

ExtraEnvVarsCostly returns environment variables that should not leak into child processes but are costly to evaluate.

func MkEnv

func MkEnv() []cfg.EnvVar

func PrintEnv added in go1.17

func PrintEnv(w io.Writer, env []cfg.EnvVar)

PrintEnv prints the environment variables to w.


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