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func Flow

func Flow(ctx context.Context, from *Span, to *Span)

Flow marks a flow indicating that the 'to' span depends on the 'from' span. Flow should be called while the 'to' span is in progress.

func Start

func Start(ctx context.Context, file string) (context.Context, func() error, error)

Start starts a trace which writes to the given file.

func StartGoroutine

func StartGoroutine(ctx context.Context) context.Context

StartGoroutine associates the context with a new Thread ID. The Chrome trace viewer associates each trace event with a thread, and doesn't expect events with the same thread id to happen at the same time.


type Span

type Span struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func StartSpan

func StartSpan(ctx context.Context, name string) (context.Context, *Span)

StartSpan starts a trace event with the given name. The Span ends when its Done method is called.

func (*Span) Done

func (s *Span) Done()

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