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const (
	CovDataReaderNoFlags CovDataReaderFlags = 0
	PanicOnError                            = 1 << iota


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type CovDataReader

type CovDataReader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CovDataReader is a general-purpose helper/visitor object for reading coverage data files in a structured way. Clients create a CovDataReader to process a given collection of coverage data file directories, then pass in a visitor object with methods that get invoked at various important points. CovDataReader is intended to facilitate common coverage data file operations such as merging or intersecting data files, analyzing data files, or dumping data files.

func MakeCovDataReader

func MakeCovDataReader(vis CovDataVisitor, indirs []string, verbosityLevel int, flags CovDataReaderFlags, matchpkg func(name string) bool) *CovDataReader

MakeCovDataReader creates a CovDataReader object to process the given set of input directories. Here 'vis' is a visitor object providing methods to be invoked as we walk through the data, 'indirs' is the set of coverage data directories to examine, 'verbosityLevel' controls the level of debugging trace messages (zero for off, higher for more output), 'flags' stores flags that indicate what to do if errors are detected, and 'matchpkg' is a caller-provided function that can be used to select specific packages by name (if nil, then all packages are included).

func (*CovDataReader) Visit

func (r *CovDataReader) Visit() error

type CovDataReaderFlags

type CovDataReaderFlags uint32

type CovDataVisitor

type CovDataVisitor interface {
	// Invoked at the start and end of a given pod (a pod here is a
	// specific coverage meta-data files with the counter data files
	// that correspond to it).
	BeginPod(p pods.Pod)
	EndPod(p pods.Pod)

	// Invoked when the reader is starting to examine the meta-data
	// file for a pod. Here 'mdf' is the path of the file, and 'mfr'
	// is an open meta-data reader.
	VisitMetaDataFile(mdf string, mfr *decodemeta.CoverageMetaFileReader)

	// Invoked when the reader processes a counter data file, first
	// the 'begin' method at the start, then the 'end' method when
	// we're done with the file.
	BeginCounterDataFile(cdf string, cdr *decodecounter.CounterDataReader, dirIdx int)
	EndCounterDataFile(cdf string, cdr *decodecounter.CounterDataReader, dirIdx int)

	// Invoked once for each live function in the counter data file.
	VisitFuncCounterData(payload decodecounter.FuncPayload)

	// Invoked when we've finished processing the counter files in a
	// POD (e.g. no more calls to VisitFuncCounterData).

	// Invoked for each package in the meta-data file for the pod,
	// first the 'begin' method when processing of the package starts,
	// then the 'end' method when we're done
	BeginPackage(pd *decodemeta.CoverageMetaDataDecoder, pkgIdx uint32)
	EndPackage(pd *decodemeta.CoverageMetaDataDecoder, pkgIdx uint32)

	// Invoked for each function  the package being visited.
	VisitFunc(pkgIdx uint32, fnIdx uint32, fd *coverage.FuncDesc)

	// Invoked when all counter + meta-data file processing is complete.

type MReader

type MReader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMreader

func NewMreader(f *os.File) (*MReader, error)

func (*MReader) Read

func (r *MReader) Read(p []byte) (int, error)

func (*MReader) ReadByte

func (r *MReader) ReadByte() (byte, error)

func (*MReader) Seek

func (r *MReader) Seek(offset int64, whence int) (int64, error)


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