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func Execute

func Execute()

Execute the root command, runs the server

func LogTailors

func LogTailors(files chan string) error

LogTailors stream logs per file from a channel into STDOUT of the pod where it runs.

func NewCFOperatorCommand

func NewCFOperatorCommand() *cobra.Command

NewCFOperatorCommand returns the `cf-operator` command.

func PrintOutput

func PrintOutput(messages chan StdOutMsg)

PrintOutput ensures that all logs send to STDOUT stream will be displayed on an specific way: - an specific color per file logs - added italics font, for the file name

func TailLogsFromDir

func TailLogsFromDir() error

TailLogsFromDir will stream to the pod STDOUT all file logs per line in the following syntax: timestampt, file name, message

This only tail logs from files names in the form *.log

type StdOutMsg

type StdOutMsg struct {
	Timestamp time.Time
	Origin    string
	Message   string
	ID        int

StdOutMsg serves as an struct where a msg corresponding a file can be store. It also stores a file ID, which will help on assigning an specific color to that file logs, when sending to STDOUT

Package Files

  • instance_group.go
  • root.go
  • tlogs.go
  • trender.go
  • util.go
  • varinterpolation.go
  • version.go
  • wait.go
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