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func BoshDeploymentMutateFn

func BoshDeploymentMutateFn(boshDeployment *bdv1.BOSHDeployment) controllerutil.MutateFn

BoshDeploymentMutateFn returns MutateFn which mutates BoshDeployment including: - labels, annotations - spec

func QuarksJobMutateFn added in v1.0.0

func QuarksJobMutateFn(qJob *qjv1a1.QuarksJob) controllerutil.MutateFn

QuarksJobMutateFn returns MutateFn which mutates QuarksJob including: - labels, annotations - spec.output, spec.Template, spec.updateOnConfigChange

func QuarksSecretMutateFn added in v1.0.0

func QuarksSecretMutateFn(qSec *qsv1a1.QuarksSecret) controllerutil.MutateFn

QuarksSecretMutateFn returns MutateFn which mutates QuarksSecret including: - labels, annotations - spec - status.generated

func QuarksStatefulSetMutateFn added in v1.0.0

func QuarksStatefulSetMutateFn(qSts *qstsv1a1.QuarksStatefulSet) controllerutil.MutateFn

QuarksStatefulSetMutateFn returns MutateFn which mutates QuarksStatefulSet including: - labels, annotations - spec

func SecretMutateFn

func SecretMutateFn(s *corev1.Secret) controllerutil.MutateFn

SecretMutateFn returns MutateFn which mutates Secret including: - labels, annotations - stringData

func ServiceMutateFn

func ServiceMutateFn(svc *corev1.Service) controllerutil.MutateFn

ServiceMutateFn returns MutateFn which mutates Service including: - labels, annotations - spec.ports, spec.selector

func StatefulSetMutateFn added in v1.0.0

func StatefulSetMutateFn(sfs *appsv1.StatefulSet) controllerutil.MutateFn

StatefulSetMutateFn returns MutateFn which mutates StatefulSet including: - labels, annotations - spec


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