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Published: Sep 9, 2020 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 33 Imported by: 234



Package v2action contains the business logic for the commands/v6 package Actors in this package should only call CC v2 API endpoints



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const (
	DefaultFolderPermissions      = 0755
	DefaultArchiveFilePermissions = 0744
	MaxResourceMatchChunkSize     = 1000


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var DefaultIgnoreLines = []string{


func ActorToCCRoute

func ActorToCCRoute(route Route) ccv2.Route

func Zipit

func Zipit(source, target, prefix string) error

Zipit zips the source into a .zip file in the target dir


type Actor

type Actor struct {
	CloudControllerClient CloudControllerClient
	Config                Config
	UAAClient             UAAClient
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Actor handles all business logic for Cloud Controller v2 operations.

func NewActor

func NewActor(ccClient CloudControllerClient, uaaClient UAAClient, config Config) *Actor

NewActor returns a new actor.

func (Actor) Authenticate

func (actor Actor) Authenticate(ID string, secret string, origin string, grantType constant.GrantType) error

Authenticate authenticates the user in UAA and sets the returned tokens in the config.

It unsets the currently targeted org and space whether authentication succeeds or not.

func (Actor) AuthorizationEndpoint

func (actor Actor) AuthorizationEndpoint() string

func (Actor) BindSecurityGroupToSpace

func (actor Actor) BindSecurityGroupToSpace(securityGroupGUID string, spaceGUID string, lifecycle constant.SecurityGroupLifecycle) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) BindServiceByApplicationAndServiceInstance

func (actor Actor) BindServiceByApplicationAndServiceInstance(appGUID string, serviceInstanceGUID string) (Warnings, error)

BindServiceByApplicationAndServiceInstance binds the service instance to an application.

func (Actor) BindServiceBySpace

func (actor Actor) BindServiceBySpace(appName string, serviceInstanceName string, spaceGUID string, bindingName string, parameters map[string]interface{}) (ServiceBinding, Warnings, error)

BindServiceBySpace binds the service instance to an application for a given space.

func (Actor) CheckRoute

func (actor Actor) CheckRoute(route Route) (bool, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) ClearTarget

func (actor Actor) ClearTarget()

ClearTarget clears target information from the actor.

func (Actor) CloudControllerAPIVersion

func (actor Actor) CloudControllerAPIVersion() string

CloudControllerAPIVersion returns the Cloud Controller API version.

func (Actor) CreateApplication

func (actor Actor) CreateApplication(application Application) (Application, Warnings, error)

CreateApplication creates an application.

func (Actor) CreateApplicationManifestByNameAndSpace

func (actor Actor) CreateApplicationManifestByNameAndSpace(appName string, spaceGUID string) (manifest.Application, Warnings, error)

func (*Actor) CreateBuildpack

func (actor *Actor) CreateBuildpack(name string, position int, enabled bool) (Buildpack, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) CreateOrganization

func (actor Actor) CreateOrganization(orgName string, quotaName string) (Organization, Warnings, error)

CreateOrganization creates an Organization based on the provided orgName.

func (Actor) CreateRoute

func (actor Actor) CreateRoute(route Route, generatePort bool) (Route, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) CreateRouteWithExistenceCheck

func (actor Actor) CreateRouteWithExistenceCheck(orgGUID string, spaceName string, route Route, generatePort bool) (Route, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) CreateServiceBroker

func (actor Actor) CreateServiceBroker(serviceBrokerName, username, password, brokerURI, spaceGUID string) (ServiceBroker, Warnings, error)

CreateServiceBroker returns a ServiceBroker and any warnings or errors.

func (Actor) CreateServiceInstance

func (actor Actor) CreateServiceInstance(spaceGUID, serviceName, servicePlanName, serviceInstanceName, brokerName string, params map[string]interface{}, tags []string) (ServiceInstance, Warnings, error)

CreateServiceInstance creates a new service instance with the provided attributes.

func (Actor) CreateServiceKey

func (actor Actor) CreateServiceKey(serviceInstanceName, keyName, spaceGUID string, parameters map[string]interface{}) (ServiceKey, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) CreateSharedDomain

func (actor Actor) CreateSharedDomain(domain string, routerGroup RouterGroup, isInternal bool) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) CreateSpace

func (actor Actor) CreateSpace(spaceName, orgName, quotaName string) (Space, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) CreateUser

func (actor Actor) CreateUser(username string, password string, origin string) (User, Warnings, error)

CreateUser creates a new user in UAA and registers it with cloud controller.

func (Actor) DeleteOrganization

func (actor Actor) DeleteOrganization(orgName string) (Warnings, error)

DeleteOrganization deletes the Organization associated with the provided GUID. Once the deletion request is sent, it polls the deletion job until it's finished.

func (Actor) DeleteRoute

func (actor Actor) DeleteRoute(routeGUID string) (Warnings, error)

DeleteRoute deletes the Route associated with the provided Route GUID.

func (Actor) DeleteSpaceByNameAndOrganizationName

func (actor Actor) DeleteSpaceByNameAndOrganizationName(spaceName string, orgName string) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) DeleteUnmappedRoutes

func (actor Actor) DeleteUnmappedRoutes(spaceGUID string) (Warnings, error)

DeleteUnmappedRoutes deletes the unmapped routes associated with the provided Space GUID.

func (Actor) DisablePlanForAllOrgs

func (actor Actor) DisablePlanForAllOrgs(serviceName, servicePlanName, brokerName string) (Warnings, error)

DisablePlanForAllOrgs disables access to a specific plan of the given service, from the given broker in all orgs.

func (Actor) DisablePlanForOrg

func (actor Actor) DisablePlanForOrg(serviceName, servicePlanName, orgName, brokerName string) (Warnings, error)

DisablePlanForOrg disables access to a specific plan of the given service from the given broker in a specific org.

func (Actor) DisableServiceForAllOrgs

func (actor Actor) DisableServiceForAllOrgs(serviceName, brokerName string) (Warnings, error)

DisableServiceForAllOrgs disables access for the given service in all orgs.

func (Actor) DisableServiceForOrg

func (actor Actor) DisableServiceForOrg(serviceName, orgName, brokerName string) (Warnings, error)

DisableServiceForOrg disables access for the given service in a specific org.

func (Actor) EnablePlanForAllOrgs

func (actor Actor) EnablePlanForAllOrgs(serviceName, servicePlanName, brokerName string) (Warnings, error)

EnablePlanForAllOrgs enables access to a specific plan of the given service in all orgs.

func (Actor) EnablePlanForOrg

func (actor Actor) EnablePlanForOrg(serviceName, servicePlanName, orgName, brokerName string) (Warnings, error)

EnablePlanForOrg enables access to a specific plan of the given service in a specific org.

func (Actor) EnableServiceForAllOrgs

func (actor Actor) EnableServiceForAllOrgs(serviceName, brokerName string) (Warnings, error)

EnableServiceForAllOrgs enables access for the given service in all orgs.

func (Actor) EnableServiceForOrg

func (actor Actor) EnableServiceForOrg(serviceName, orgName, brokerName string) (Warnings, error)

EnableServiceForOrg enables access for the given service in a specific org.

func (Actor) FindRouteBoundToSpaceWithSettings

func (actor Actor) FindRouteBoundToSpaceWithSettings(route Route) (Route, Warnings, error)

FindRouteBoundToSpaceWithSettings finds the route with the given host, domain and space. If it is unable to find the route, it will check if it exists anywhere in the system. When the route exists in another space, RouteInDifferentSpaceError is returned. Use this when you know the space GUID.

func (Actor) GetApplication

func (actor Actor) GetApplication(guid string) (Application, Warnings, error)

GetApplication returns the application.

func (Actor) GetApplicationByNameAndSpace

func (actor Actor) GetApplicationByNameAndSpace(name string, spaceGUID string) (Application, Warnings, error)

GetApplicationByNameAndSpace returns an application with matching name in the space.

func (Actor) GetApplicationInstancesByApplication

func (actor Actor) GetApplicationInstancesByApplication(guid string) (map[int]ApplicationInstance, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetApplicationInstancesWithStatsByApplication

func (actor Actor) GetApplicationInstancesWithStatsByApplication(guid string) ([]ApplicationInstanceWithStats, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetApplicationRoutes

func (actor Actor) GetApplicationRoutes(applicationGUID string) (Routes, Warnings, error)

GetApplicationRoutes returns a list of routes associated with the provided Application GUID.

func (Actor) GetApplicationSummaryByNameAndSpace

func (actor Actor) GetApplicationSummaryByNameAndSpace(name string, spaceGUID string) (ApplicationSummary, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetApplicationsBySpace

func (actor Actor) GetApplicationsBySpace(spaceGUID string) ([]Application, Warnings, error)

GetApplicationsBySpace returns all applications in a space.

func (Actor) GetDomain

func (actor Actor) GetDomain(domainGUID string) (Domain, Warnings, error)

GetDomain returns the shared or private domain associated with the provided Domain GUID.

func (Actor) GetDomains

func (actor Actor) GetDomains(orgGUID string) ([]Domain, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetDomainsByNameAndOrganization

func (actor Actor) GetDomainsByNameAndOrganization(domainNames []string, orgGUID string) ([]Domain, Warnings, error)

GetDomainsByNameAndOrganization returns back a list of domains given a list of domains names and the organization GUID. If no domains are given, than this command will not lookup any domains.

func (Actor) GetFeatureFlags

func (actor Actor) GetFeatureFlags() ([]FeatureFlag, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetLoginPrompts

func (actor Actor) GetLoginPrompts() map[string]coreconfig.AuthPrompt

func (Actor) GetOrganization

func (actor Actor) GetOrganization(guid string) (Organization, Warnings, error)

GetOrganization returns an Organization based on the provided guid.

func (Actor) GetOrganizationByName

func (actor Actor) GetOrganizationByName(orgName string) (Organization, Warnings, error)

GetOrganizationByName returns an Organization based off of the name given.

func (Actor) GetOrganizationDomains

func (actor Actor) GetOrganizationDomains(orgGUID string) ([]Domain, Warnings, error)

GetOrganizationDomains returns the shared and private domains associated with an organization.

func (Actor) GetOrganizationQuota

func (actor Actor) GetOrganizationQuota(guid string) (OrganizationQuota, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetOrganizationQuotaByName

func (actor Actor) GetOrganizationQuotaByName(quotaName string) (OrganizationQuota, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetOrganizationSpaces

func (actor Actor) GetOrganizationSpaces(orgGUID string) ([]Space, Warnings, error)

GetOrganizationSpaces returns a list of spaces in the specified org

func (Actor) GetOrganizationSummaryByName

func (actor Actor) GetOrganizationSummaryByName(orgName string) (OrganizationSummary, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetOrganizations

func (actor Actor) GetOrganizations() ([]Organization, Warnings, error)

GetOrganizations returns all the available organizations.

func (Actor) GetOrphanedRoutesBySpace

func (actor Actor) GetOrphanedRoutesBySpace(spaceGUID string) ([]Route, Warnings, error)

GetOrphanedRoutesBySpace returns a list of orphaned routes associated with the provided Space GUID.

func (Actor) GetPrivateDomain

func (actor Actor) GetPrivateDomain(domainGUID string) (Domain, Warnings, error)

GetPrivateDomain returns the private domain associated with the provided Domain GUID.

func (Actor) GetRecentLogsForApplicationByNameAndSpace

func (actor Actor) GetRecentLogsForApplicationByNameAndSpace(appName string, spaceGUID string, client sharedaction.LogCacheClient) ([]sharedaction.LogMessage, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetRouteApplications

func (actor Actor) GetRouteApplications(routeGUID string) ([]Application, Warnings, error)

GetRouteApplications returns a list of apps associated with the provided Route GUID.

func (Actor) GetRouteByComponents

func (actor Actor) GetRouteByComponents(route Route) (Route, Warnings, error)

GetRouteByComponents returns the route with the matching host, domain, path, and port. Use this when you don't know the space GUID. TCP routes require a port to be uniquely identified HTTP routes using shared domains require a hostname or path to be uniquely identified

func (Actor) GetRouterGroupByName

func (actor Actor) GetRouterGroupByName(routerGroupName string, client RouterClient) (RouterGroup, error)

func (Actor) GetSSHPasscode

func (actor Actor) GetSSHPasscode() (string, error)

func (Actor) GetSecurityGroupByName

func (actor Actor) GetSecurityGroupByName(securityGroupName string) (SecurityGroup, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetSecurityGroupsWithOrganizationSpaceAndLifecycle

func (actor Actor) GetSecurityGroupsWithOrganizationSpaceAndLifecycle(includeStaging bool) ([]SecurityGroupWithOrganizationSpaceAndLifecycle, Warnings, error)

GetSecurityGroupsWithOrganizationSpaceAndLifecycle returns a list of security groups with org and space information, optionally including staging spaces.

func (Actor) GetService

func (actor Actor) GetService(serviceGUID string) (Service, Warnings, error)

GetService fetches a service by GUID.

func (Actor) GetServiceBindingByApplicationAndServiceInstance

func (actor Actor) GetServiceBindingByApplicationAndServiceInstance(appGUID string, serviceInstanceGUID string) (ServiceBinding, Warnings, error)

GetServiceBindingByApplicationAndServiceInstance returns a service binding given an application GUID and and service instance GUID.

func (Actor) GetServiceBindingsByServiceInstance

func (actor Actor) GetServiceBindingsByServiceInstance(serviceInstanceGUID string) ([]ServiceBinding, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceBindingsByUserProvidedServiceInstance

func (actor Actor) GetServiceBindingsByUserProvidedServiceInstance(userProvidedServiceInstanceGUID string) ([]ServiceBinding, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceBrokerByName

func (actor Actor) GetServiceBrokerByName(brokerName string) (ServiceBroker, Warnings, error)

GetServiceBrokerByName returns a ServiceBroker and any warnings or errors.

func (Actor) GetServiceBrokers

func (actor Actor) GetServiceBrokers() ([]ServiceBroker, Warnings, error)

GetServiceBrokers returns all ServiceBrokers and any warnings or errors.

func (Actor) GetServiceByNameAndBrokerName

func (actor Actor) GetServiceByNameAndBrokerName(serviceName, serviceBrokerName string) (Service, Warnings, error)

GetServiceByNameAndBrokerName returns services based on the name and broker provided. If a service broker name is provided, only services for that broker will be returned. If there are no services, a ServiceNotFoundError will be returned.

NOTE: this will fail for non-admin users if the broker name is specified, as only admin users are able to view the list of service brokers.

func (Actor) GetServiceInstance

func (actor Actor) GetServiceInstance(guid string) (ServiceInstance, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceInstanceByNameAndSpace

func (actor Actor) GetServiceInstanceByNameAndSpace(name string, spaceGUID string) (ServiceInstance, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceInstanceSharedFromByServiceInstance

func (actor Actor) GetServiceInstanceSharedFromByServiceInstance(serviceInstanceGUID string) (ServiceInstanceSharedFrom, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceInstanceSharedTosByServiceInstance

func (actor Actor) GetServiceInstanceSharedTosByServiceInstance(serviceInstanceGUID string) ([]ServiceInstanceSharedTo, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceInstanceSummaryByNameAndSpace

func (actor Actor) GetServiceInstanceSummaryByNameAndSpace(name string, spaceGUID string) (ServiceInstanceSummary, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceInstancesByApplication

func (actor Actor) GetServiceInstancesByApplication(appGUID string) ([]ServiceInstance, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceInstancesBySpace

func (actor Actor) GetServiceInstancesBySpace(spaceGUID string) ([]ServiceInstance, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceInstancesSummaryBySpace

func (actor Actor) GetServiceInstancesSummaryBySpace(spaceGUID string) ([]ServiceInstanceSummary, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServicePlan

func (actor Actor) GetServicePlan(servicePlanGUID string) (ServicePlan, Warnings, error)

func (*Actor) GetServicePlanVisibilities

func (actor *Actor) GetServicePlanVisibilities(planGUID string) ([]ServicePlanVisibility, Warnings, error)

GetServicePlanVisibilities fetches service plan visibilities for a plan by GUID.

func (Actor) GetServicePlansForService

func (actor Actor) GetServicePlansForService(serviceName, brokerName string) ([]ServicePlan, Warnings, error)

GetServicePlansForService returns a list of plans associated with the service and the broker if provided

func (Actor) GetServiceSummaryByName

func (actor Actor) GetServiceSummaryByName(serviceName string) (ServiceSummary, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServiceSummaryForSpaceByName

func (actor Actor) GetServiceSummaryForSpaceByName(spaceGUID, serviceName string) (ServiceSummary, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServicesSummaries

func (actor Actor) GetServicesSummaries() ([]ServiceSummary, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServicesSummariesForSpace

func (actor Actor) GetServicesSummariesForSpace(spaceGUID string) ([]ServiceSummary, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetServicesWithPlans

func (actor Actor) GetServicesWithPlans(filters ...Filter) (ServicesWithPlans, Warnings, error)

GetServicesWithPlans returns a map of Services to ServicePlans for a particular broker. A particular service with associated plans from a broker can be fetched by additionally providing a service label filter.

func (Actor) GetSharedDomain

func (actor Actor) GetSharedDomain(domainGUID string) (Domain, Warnings, error)

GetSharedDomain returns the shared domain associated with the provided Domain GUID.

func (Actor) GetSpaceByOrganizationAndName

func (actor Actor) GetSpaceByOrganizationAndName(orgGUID string, spaceName string) (Space, Warnings, error)

GetSpaceByOrganizationAndName returns an Space based on the org and name.

func (Actor) GetSpaceQuota

func (actor Actor) GetSpaceQuota(guid string) (SpaceQuota, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetSpaceQuotaByName

func (actor Actor) GetSpaceQuotaByName(quotaName, orgGUID string) (SpaceQuota, Warnings, error)

GetSpaceQuotaByName finds the quota by name and returns an error if not found

func (Actor) GetSpaceRoutes

func (actor Actor) GetSpaceRoutes(spaceGUID string) ([]Route, Warnings, error)

GetSpaceRoutes returns a list of routes associated with the provided Space GUID.

func (Actor) GetSpaceRunningSecurityGroupsBySpace

func (actor Actor) GetSpaceRunningSecurityGroupsBySpace(spaceGUID string) ([]SecurityGroup, Warnings, error)

GetSpaceRunningSecurityGroupsBySpace returns a list of all security groups bound to this space in the 'running' lifecycle phase.

func (Actor) GetSpaceStagingSecurityGroupsBySpace

func (actor Actor) GetSpaceStagingSecurityGroupsBySpace(spaceGUID string) ([]SecurityGroup, Warnings, error)

GetSpaceStagingSecurityGroupsBySpace returns a list of all security groups bound to this space in the 'staging' lifecycle phase. with an optional

func (Actor) GetSpaceSummaryByOrganizationAndName

func (actor Actor) GetSpaceSummaryByOrganizationAndName(orgGUID string, name string) (SpaceSummary, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GetStack

func (actor Actor) GetStack(guid string) (Stack, Warnings, error)

GetStack returns the stack information associated with the provided stack GUID.

func (Actor) GetStackByName

func (actor Actor) GetStackByName(stackName string) (Stack, Warnings, error)

GetStackByName returns the provided stack

func (Actor) GetStreamingLogs

func (actor Actor) GetStreamingLogs(appGUID string, client sharedaction.LogCacheClient) (<-chan sharedaction.LogMessage, <-chan error, context.CancelFunc)

func (Actor) GetStreamingLogsForApplicationByNameAndSpace

func (actor Actor) GetStreamingLogsForApplicationByNameAndSpace(appName string, spaceGUID string, client sharedaction.LogCacheClient) (<-chan sharedaction.LogMessage, <-chan error, context.CancelFunc, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) GrantOrgManagerByUsername

func (actor Actor) GrantOrgManagerByUsername(guid string, username string) (Warnings, error)

GrantOrgManagerByUsername gives the Org Manager role to the provided user.

func (Actor) GrantSpaceDeveloperByUsername

func (actor Actor) GrantSpaceDeveloperByUsername(spaceGUID string, username string) (Warnings, error)

GrantSpaceDeveloperByUsername makes the provided user a Space Developer in the space with the provided guid.

func (Actor) GrantSpaceManagerByUsername

func (actor Actor) GrantSpaceManagerByUsername(orgGUID string, spaceGUID string, username string) (Warnings, error)

GrantSpaceManagerByUsername makes the provided user a Space Manager in the space with the provided guid.

func (Actor) MapRouteToApplication

func (actor Actor) MapRouteToApplication(routeGUID string, appGUID string) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) MinCLIVersion

func (actor Actor) MinCLIVersion() string

MinCLIVersion returns the minimum CLI version that the Cloud Controller requires.

func (Actor) OrganizationExistsWithName

func (actor Actor) OrganizationExistsWithName(orgName string) (bool, Warnings, error)

OrganizationExistsWithName returns true if there is an Organization with the provided name, otherwise false.

func (Actor) ParseAccessToken

func (actor Actor) ParseAccessToken(accessToken string) (jwt.JWT, error)

func (Actor) PollJob

func (actor Actor) PollJob(job Job) (Warnings, error)

func (*Actor) PrepareBuildpackBits

func (actor *Actor) PrepareBuildpackBits(inputPath string, tmpDirPath string, downloader Downloader) (string, error)

func (Actor) PurgeServiceOffering

func (actor Actor) PurgeServiceOffering(service Service) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) RefreshAccessToken

func (actor Actor) RefreshAccessToken(refreshToken string) (string, error)

func (*Actor) RenameBuildpack

func (actor *Actor) RenameBuildpack(oldName string, newName string, stackName string) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) ResourceMatch

func (actor Actor) ResourceMatch(allResources []Resource) ([]Resource, []Resource, Warnings, error)

ResourceMatch returns a set of matched resources and unmatched resources in the order they were given in allResources.

func (Actor) RestageApplication

func (actor Actor) RestageApplication(app Application) (<-chan ApplicationStateChange, <-chan string, <-chan error)

RestageApplication restarts a given application. If already stopped, no stop call will be sent.

func (Actor) RestartApplication

func (actor Actor) RestartApplication(app Application) (<-chan ApplicationStateChange, <-chan string, <-chan error)

RestartApplication restarts a given application. If already stopped, no stop call will be sent.

func (Actor) ScheduleTokenRefresh

func (actor Actor) ScheduleTokenRefresh(
	after func(time.Duration) <-chan time.Time,
	stop chan struct{},
	stoppedRefreshingToken chan struct{}) (<-chan error, error)

func (Actor) ServiceExistsWithName

func (actor Actor) ServiceExistsWithName(serviceName string) (bool, Warnings, error)

ServiceExistsWithName returns true if there is an Organization with the provided name, otherwise false.

func (Actor) SetApplicationHealthCheckTypeByNameAndSpace

func (actor Actor) SetApplicationHealthCheckTypeByNameAndSpace(name string, spaceGUID string, healthCheckType constant.ApplicationHealthCheckType, httpEndpoint string) (Application, Warnings, error)

SetApplicationHealthCheckTypeByNameAndSpace updates an application's health check type if it is not already the desired type.

func (Actor) SetSpaceQuota

func (actor Actor) SetSpaceQuota(spaceGUID, quotaGUID string) (Warnings, error)

SetSpaceQuota sets the space quota for the corresponding space

func (Actor) SetTarget

func (actor Actor) SetTarget(settings TargetSettings) (Warnings, error)

SetTarget targets the Cloud Controller using the client and sets target information in the actor based on the response.

func (Actor) StartApplication

func (actor Actor) StartApplication(app Application) (<-chan ApplicationStateChange, <-chan string, <-chan error)

StartApplication restarts a given application. If already stopped, no stop call will be sent.

func (Actor) UAAAPIVersion

func (actor Actor) UAAAPIVersion() string

UAAAPIVersion returns the UAA API version.

func (Actor) UnbindSecurityGroupByNameAndSpace

func (actor Actor) UnbindSecurityGroupByNameAndSpace(securityGroupName string, spaceGUID string, lifecycle constant.SecurityGroupLifecycle) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) UnbindSecurityGroupByNameOrganizationNameAndSpaceName

func (actor Actor) UnbindSecurityGroupByNameOrganizationNameAndSpaceName(securityGroupName string, orgName string, spaceName string, lifecycle constant.SecurityGroupLifecycle) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) UnbindServiceBySpace

func (actor Actor) UnbindServiceBySpace(appName string, serviceInstanceName string, spaceGUID string) (ServiceBinding, Warnings, error)

UnbindServiceBySpace deletes the service binding between an application and service instance for a given space.

func (Actor) UnmapRouteFromApplication

func (actor Actor) UnmapRouteFromApplication(routeGUID string, appGUID string) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) UpdateApplication

func (actor Actor) UpdateApplication(application Application) (Application, Warnings, error)

UpdateApplication updates an application.

func (*Actor) UpdateBuildpack

func (actor *Actor) UpdateBuildpack(buildpack Buildpack) (Buildpack, Warnings, error)

func (*Actor) UpdateBuildpackByNameAndStack

func (actor *Actor) UpdateBuildpackByNameAndStack(name, currentStack string, position types.NullInt, locked types.NullBool, enabled types.NullBool, newStack string) (string, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) UpdateServiceInstanceMaintenanceInfo

func (actor Actor) UpdateServiceInstanceMaintenanceInfo(guid string, maintenanceInfo MaintenanceInfo) (Warnings, error)

UpdateServiceInstanceMaintenanceInfo requests that the service instance be updated to the specified `maintenance_info`

func (Actor) UpdateUserProvidedServiceInstance

func (actor Actor) UpdateUserProvidedServiceInstance(guid string, instance UserProvidedServiceInstance) (Warnings, error)

UpdateUserProvidedServiceInstance requests that the service instance be updated with the specified data

func (Actor) UploadApplicationPackage

func (actor Actor) UploadApplicationPackage(appGUID string, existingResources []Resource, newResources io.Reader, newResourcesLength int64) (Job, Warnings, error)

func (*Actor) UploadBuildpack

func (actor *Actor) UploadBuildpack(GUID string, pathToBuildpackBits string, progBar SimpleProgressBar) (Warnings, error)

func (*Actor) UploadBuildpackFromPath

func (actor *Actor) UploadBuildpackFromPath(inputPath, buildpackGUID string, progressBar SimpleProgressBar) (Warnings, error)

func (Actor) UploadDroplet

func (actor Actor) UploadDroplet(appGUID string, droplet io.Reader, dropletLength int64) (Job, Warnings, error)

func (Actor) WriteApplicationManifest

func (Actor) WriteApplicationManifest(manifestApp manifest.Application, manifestFilePath string) error

type Application

type Application ccv2.Application

Application represents an application.

func (Application) CalculatedBuildpack

func (application Application) CalculatedBuildpack() string

CalculatedBuildpack returns the buildpack that will be used.

func (Application) CalculatedCommand

func (application Application) CalculatedCommand() string

CalculatedCommand returns the command that will be used.

func (Application) CalculatedHealthCheckEndpoint

func (application Application) CalculatedHealthCheckEndpoint() string

CalculatedHealthCheckEndpoint returns the health check endpoint. If the health check type is not http it will return the empty string.

func (Application) StagingCompleted

func (application Application) StagingCompleted() bool

StagingCompleted returns true if the application has been staged.

func (Application) StagingFailed

func (application Application) StagingFailed() bool

StagingFailed returns true if staging the application failed.

func (Application) StagingFailedMessage

func (application Application) StagingFailedMessage() string

StagingFailedMessage returns the verbose description of the failure or the reason if the verbose description is empty.

func (Application) StagingFailedNoAppDetected

func (application Application) StagingFailedNoAppDetected() bool

StagingFailedNoAppDetected returns true when the staging failed due to a NoAppDetectedError.

func (Application) Started

func (application Application) Started() bool

Started returns true when the application is started.

func (Application) Stopped

func (application Application) Stopped() bool

Stopped returns true when the application is stopped.

func (Application) String

func (application Application) String() string

type ApplicationInstance

type ApplicationInstance ccv2.ApplicationInstance

func (ApplicationInstance) Crashed

func (instance ApplicationInstance) Crashed() bool

func (ApplicationInstance) Flapping

func (instance ApplicationInstance) Flapping() bool

func (ApplicationInstance) Running

func (instance ApplicationInstance) Running() bool

type ApplicationInstanceState

type ApplicationInstanceState constant.ApplicationInstanceState

type ApplicationInstanceWithStats

type ApplicationInstanceWithStats struct {
	// CPU is the instance's CPU utilization percentage.
	CPU float64

	// Details are arbitrary information about the instance.
	Details string

	// Disk is the instance's disk usage in bytes.
	Disk int64

	// DiskQuota is the instance's allowed disk usage in bytes.
	DiskQuota int64

	// ID is the instance ID.
	ID int

	// IsolationSegment that the app instance is currently running on.
	IsolationSegment string

	// Memory is the instance's memory usage in bytes.
	Memory int64

	// MemoryQuota is the instance's allowed memory usage in bytes.
	MemoryQuota int64

	// Since is the Unix time stamp that represents the time the instance was
	// created.
	Since float64

	// State is the instance's state.
	State ApplicationInstanceState

func (ApplicationInstanceWithStats) TimeSinceCreation

func (instance ApplicationInstanceWithStats) TimeSinceCreation() time.Time

type ApplicationStateChange

type ApplicationStateChange string
const (
	ApplicationStateStopping ApplicationStateChange = "stopping"
	ApplicationStateStaging  ApplicationStateChange = "staging"
	ApplicationStateStarting ApplicationStateChange = "starting"

type ApplicationSummary

type ApplicationSummary struct {
	Stack            Stack
	IsolationSegment string
	RunningInstances []ApplicationInstanceWithStats
	Routes           []Route

func (ApplicationSummary) StartingOrRunningInstanceCount

func (app ApplicationSummary) StartingOrRunningInstanceCount() int

type BoundApplication

type BoundApplication struct {
	AppName            string
	LastOperation      LastOperation
	ServiceBindingName string

type Buildpack

type Buildpack ccv2.Buildpack

func (Buildpack) NoStack

func (buildpack Buildpack) NoStack() bool

type CloudControllerClient

type CloudControllerClient interface {
	CheckRoute(route ccv2.Route) (bool, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateApplication(app ccv2.Application) (ccv2.Application, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateBuildpack(buildpack ccv2.Buildpack) (ccv2.Buildpack, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateOrganization(orgName string, quotaGUID string) (ccv2.Organization, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateRoute(route ccv2.Route, generatePort bool) (ccv2.Route, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateServiceBinding(appGUID string, serviceBindingGUID string, bindingName string, acceptsIncomplete bool, parameters map[string]interface{}) (ccv2.ServiceBinding, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateServiceBroker(serviceBroker, username, password, URL, spaceGUID string) (ccv2.ServiceBroker, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateServiceInstance(spaceGUID, servicePlanGUID, serviceInstance string, parameters map[string]interface{}, tags []string) (ccv2.ServiceInstance, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateServiceKey(serviceInstanceGUID string, keyName string, parameters map[string]interface{}) (ccv2.ServiceKey, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateServicePlanVisibility(planGUID string, orgGUID string) (ccv2.ServicePlanVisibility, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateSpace(spaceName string, orgGUID string) (ccv2.Space, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateUser(uaaUserID string) (ccv2.User, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	CreateSharedDomain(domainName string, routerGroupGUID string, isInternal bool) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteOrganizationJob(orgGUID string) (ccv2.Job, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteRoute(routeGUID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteRouteApplication(routeGUID string, appGUID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteSecurityGroupSpace(securityGroupGUID string, spaceGUID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteSecurityGroupStagingSpace(securityGroupGUID string, spaceGUID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteService(serviceGUID string, purge bool) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteServiceBinding(serviceBindingGUID string, acceptsIncomplete bool) (ccv2.ServiceBinding, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteServicePlanVisibility(servicePlanVisibilityGUID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteSpaceJob(spaceGUID string) (ccv2.Job, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	DeleteSpaceUnmappedRoutes(spaceGUID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetApplication(guid string) (ccv2.Application, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetApplicationApplicationInstanceStatuses(guid string) (map[int]ccv2.ApplicationInstanceStatus, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetApplicationApplicationInstances(guid string) (map[int]ccv2.ApplicationInstance, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetApplicationRoutes(appGUID string, filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Route, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetApplications(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Application, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetBuildpacks(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Buildpack, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetConfigFeatureFlags() ([]ccv2.FeatureFlag, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetJob(jobGUID string) (ccv2.Job, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetOrganization(guid string) (ccv2.Organization, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetOrganizationPrivateDomains(orgGUID string, filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Domain, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetOrganizationQuota(guid string) (ccv2.OrganizationQuota, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetOrganizationQuotas(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.OrganizationQuota, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetOrganizations(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Organization, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetPrivateDomain(domainGUID string) (ccv2.Domain, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetRouteApplications(routeGUID string, filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Application, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetRoutes(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Route, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSecurityGroupSpaces(securityGroupGUID string) ([]ccv2.Space, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSecurityGroupStagingSpaces(securityGroupGUID string) ([]ccv2.Space, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSecurityGroups(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.SecurityGroup, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetService(serviceGUID string) (ccv2.Service, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServiceBindings(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.ServiceBinding, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServiceBrokers(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.ServiceBroker, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServiceInstance(serviceInstanceGUID string) (ccv2.ServiceInstance, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServiceInstanceServiceBindings(serviceInstanceGUID string) ([]ccv2.ServiceBinding, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServiceInstanceSharedFrom(serviceInstanceGUID string) (ccv2.ServiceInstanceSharedFrom, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServiceInstanceSharedTos(serviceInstanceGUID string) ([]ccv2.ServiceInstanceSharedTo, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServiceInstances(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.ServiceInstance, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServicePlan(servicePlanGUID string) (ccv2.ServicePlan, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServicePlanVisibilities(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.ServicePlanVisibility, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServicePlans(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.ServicePlan, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetServices(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Service, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSharedDomain(domainGUID string) (ccv2.Domain, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSharedDomains(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Domain, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSpaceQuotaDefinition(guid string) (ccv2.SpaceQuota, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSpaceQuotas(orgGUID string) ([]ccv2.SpaceQuota, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSpaceRoutes(spaceGUID string, filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Route, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSpaceSecurityGroups(spaceGUID string, filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.SecurityGroup, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSpaceServiceInstances(spaceGUID string, includeUserProvidedServices bool, filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.ServiceInstance, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSpaceServices(spaceGUID string, filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Service, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSpaceSummary(spaceGUID string) (ccv2.SpaceSummary, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSpaceStagingSecurityGroups(spaceGUID string, filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.SecurityGroup, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetSpaces(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Space, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetStack(guid string) (ccv2.Stack, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetStacks(filters ...ccv2.Filter) ([]ccv2.Stack, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	GetUserProvidedServiceInstanceServiceBindings(userProvidedServiceInstanceGUID string) ([]ccv2.ServiceBinding, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	PollJob(job ccv2.Job) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	RestageApplication(app ccv2.Application) (ccv2.Application, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	SetSpaceQuota(spaceGUID string, quotaGUID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	TargetCF(settings ccv2.TargetSettings) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateApplication(app ccv2.Application) (ccv2.Application, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateBuildpack(buildpack ccv2.Buildpack) (ccv2.Buildpack, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateOrganizationManager(guid string, uaaID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateOrganizationManagerByUsername(guid string, username string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateOrganizationUser(guid string, uaaID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateOrganizationUserByUsername(guid string, username string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateResourceMatch(resourcesToMatch []ccv2.Resource) ([]ccv2.Resource, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateRouteApplication(routeGUID string, appGUID string) (ccv2.Route, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateSecurityGroupSpace(securityGroupGUID string, spaceGUID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateSecurityGroupStagingSpace(securityGroupGUID string, spaceGUID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateServiceInstanceMaintenanceInfo(serviceInstanceGUID string, maintenanceInfo ccv2.MaintenanceInfo) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateServicePlan(guid string, public bool) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateSpaceDeveloper(spaceGUID string, uaaID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateSpaceDeveloperByUsername(spaceGUID string, username string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateSpaceManager(spaceGUID string, uaaID string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateSpaceManagerByUsername(spaceGUID string, username string) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UpdateUserProvidedServiceInstance(instanceGUID string, instance ccv2.UserProvidedServiceInstance) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UploadApplicationPackage(appGUID string, existingResources []ccv2.Resource, newResources ccv2.Reader, newResourcesLength int64) (ccv2.Job, ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UploadBuildpack(buildpackGUID string, buildpackPath string, buildpack io.Reader, buildpackLength int64) (ccv2.Warnings, error)
	UploadDroplet(appGUID string, droplet io.Reader, dropletLength int64) (ccv2.Job, ccv2.Warnings, error)

	API() string
	APIVersion() string
	AuthorizationEndpoint() string
	DopplerEndpoint() string
	LogCacheEndpoint() string
	MinCLIVersion() string
	RoutingEndpoint() string

CloudControllerClient is a Cloud Controller V2 client.

type Config

type Config interface {
	AccessToken() string
	BinaryName() string
	DialTimeout() time.Duration
	PollingInterval() time.Duration
	RefreshToken() string
	SetAccessToken(accessToken string)
	SetRefreshToken(refreshToken string)
	SetTargetInformation(args configv3.TargetInformationArgs)
	SetTokenInformation(accessToken string, refreshToken string, sshOAuthClient string)
	SetUAAClientCredentials(client string, clientSecret string)
	SetUAAGrantType(uaaGrantType string)
	SkipSSLValidation() bool
	SSHOAuthClient() string
	StagingTimeout() time.Duration
	StartupTimeout() time.Duration
	Target() string
	UAAGrantType() string
	Verbose() (bool, []string)

type Domain

type Domain ccv2.Domain

Domain represents a CLI Domain.

func (Domain) IsHTTP

func (domain Domain) IsHTTP() bool

IsHTTP returns true for any router group type that is not 'tcp'.

func (Domain) IsPrivate

func (domain Domain) IsPrivate() bool

IsPrivate returns true when the domain is a private domain.

func (Domain) IsShared

func (domain Domain) IsShared() bool

IsShared returns true when the domain is a shared domain.

func (Domain) IsTCP

func (domain Domain) IsTCP() bool

IsTCP returns true only when the router group type equals 'tcp'.

type Downloader

type Downloader interface {
	Download(url string, tmpDirPath string) (string, error)

type FeatureFlag

type FeatureFlag ccv2.FeatureFlag

func (FeatureFlag) State

func (f FeatureFlag) State() FeatureFlagState

type FeatureFlagState

type FeatureFlagState string
const (
	FeatureFlagEnabled  FeatureFlagState = "enabled"
	FeatureFlagDisabled FeatureFlagState = "disabled"

type Filter

type Filter ccv2.Filter

Filter is representation of Cloud Controller request query parameters.

type Job

type Job ccv2.Job

type LastOperation

type LastOperation ccv2.LastOperation

type MaintenanceInfo

type MaintenanceInfo ccv2.MaintenanceInfo

type NOAAClient

type NOAAClient interface {
	Close() error
	RecentLogs(appGUID string, authToken string) ([]*events.LogMessage, error)
	SetOnConnectCallback(cb func())
	TailingLogs(appGUID, authToken string) (<-chan *events.LogMessage, <-chan error)

NOAAClient is a client for getting logs.

type Organization

type Organization ccv2.Organization

Organization represents a CLI Organization.

type OrganizationQuota

type OrganizationQuota ccv2.OrganizationQuota

type OrganizationSummary

type OrganizationSummary struct {
	QuotaName   string
	DomainNames []string
	SpaceNames  []string

type ProgressBar

type ProgressBar struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewProgressBar

func NewProgressBar() *ProgressBar

func (*ProgressBar) Initialize

func (p *ProgressBar) Initialize(path string) (io.Reader, int64, error)

func (*ProgressBar) Terminate

func (p *ProgressBar) Terminate()

type Resource

type Resource ccv2.Resource

type Route

type Route struct {
	Domain    Domain
	GUID      string
	Host      string
	Path      string
	Port      types.NullInt
	SpaceGUID string

Route represents a CLI Route.

func CCToActorRoute

func CCToActorRoute(ccv2Route ccv2.Route, domain Domain) Route

func (Route) RandomTCPPort

func (r Route) RandomTCPPort() bool

func (Route) String

func (r Route) String() string

String formats the route in a human readable format.

func (Route) Validate

func (r Route) Validate() error

Validate will return an error if there are invalid HTTP or TCP settings for it's given domain.

func (Route) ValidateWithRandomPort

func (r Route) ValidateWithRandomPort(randomPort bool) error

ValidateWithRandomPort will return an error if a random port is requested for an HTTP route, or if the route is TCP, a random port wasn't requested, and the route has no port set.

type RouterClient

type RouterClient interface {
	GetRouterGroupByName(string) (router.RouterGroup, error)

RouterClient is a Router API client.

type RouterGroup

type RouterGroup router.RouterGroup

type Routes

type Routes []Route

func (Routes) Summary

func (rs Routes) Summary() string

Summary converts routes into a comma separated string.

type SecurityGroup

type SecurityGroup ccv2.SecurityGroup

SecurityGroup represents a CF SecurityGroup.

type SecurityGroupRule

type SecurityGroupRule struct {
	Name        string
	Description string
	Destination string
	Lifecycle   constant.SecurityGroupLifecycle
	Ports       string
	Protocol    string

type SecurityGroupWithOrganizationSpaceAndLifecycle

type SecurityGroupWithOrganizationSpaceAndLifecycle struct {
	SecurityGroup *SecurityGroup
	Organization  *Organization
	Space         *Space
	Lifecycle     constant.SecurityGroupLifecycle

SecurityGroupWithOrganizationSpaceAndLifecycle represents a security group with organization and space information.

type Service

type Service ccv2.Service

Service is representation of a service offering.

type ServiceBinding

type ServiceBinding ccv2.ServiceBinding

ServiceBinding represents the link between a service instance and an application.

func (ServiceBinding) IsInProgress

func (serviceBinding ServiceBinding) IsInProgress() bool

type ServiceBroker

type ServiceBroker ccv2.ServiceBroker

type ServiceBrokerSummary

type ServiceBrokerSummary struct {
	Services []ServiceSummary

type ServiceInstance

type ServiceInstance ccv2.ServiceInstance

ServiceInstance represents an instance of a service.

func (ServiceInstance) IsManaged

func (instance ServiceInstance) IsManaged() bool

IsManaged returns true if the service instance is managed, otherwise false.

func (ServiceInstance) IsUserProvided

func (instance ServiceInstance) IsUserProvided() bool

IsUserProvided returns true if the service instance is user provided, otherwise false.

type ServiceInstanceShareType

type ServiceInstanceShareType string
const (
	ServiceInstanceIsSharedFrom ServiceInstanceShareType = "SharedFrom"
	ServiceInstanceIsSharedTo   ServiceInstanceShareType = "SharedTo"
	ServiceInstanceIsNotShared  ServiceInstanceShareType = "NotShared"

type ServiceInstanceSharedFrom

type ServiceInstanceSharedFrom ccv2.ServiceInstanceSharedFrom

type ServiceInstanceSharedTo

type ServiceInstanceSharedTo ccv2.ServiceInstanceSharedTo

type ServiceInstanceSummary

type ServiceInstanceSummary struct {

	ServicePlan                       ServicePlan
	Service                           Service
	ServiceInstanceSharingFeatureFlag bool
	ServiceInstanceShareType          ServiceInstanceShareType
	ServiceInstanceSharedFrom         ServiceInstanceSharedFrom
	ServiceInstanceSharedTos          []ServiceInstanceSharedTo
	BoundApplications                 []BoundApplication

func (ServiceInstanceSummary) IsNotShared

func (s ServiceInstanceSummary) IsNotShared() bool

func (ServiceInstanceSummary) IsShareable

func (s ServiceInstanceSummary) IsShareable() bool

func (ServiceInstanceSummary) IsSharedFrom

func (s ServiceInstanceSummary) IsSharedFrom() bool

func (ServiceInstanceSummary) IsSharedTo

func (s ServiceInstanceSummary) IsSharedTo() bool

func (ServiceInstanceSummary) UpgradeAvailable

func (s ServiceInstanceSummary) UpgradeAvailable() bool

func (ServiceInstanceSummary) UpgradeSupported

func (s ServiceInstanceSummary) UpgradeSupported() bool

type ServiceKey

type ServiceKey ccv2.ServiceKey

ServiceKey represents a set of credentials for a service instance.

type ServicePlan

type ServicePlan ccv2.ServicePlan

type ServicePlanSummary

type ServicePlanSummary struct {
	// VisibleTo is a list of Organization names that have access to this service
	// plan.
	VisibleTo []string

type ServicePlanVisibility

type ServicePlanVisibility ccv2.ServicePlanVisibility

type ServiceSummary

type ServiceSummary struct {
	Plans []ServicePlanSummary

type ServicesWithPlans

type ServicesWithPlans map[Service][]ServicePlan

ServicesWithPlans is an association between a Service and the plans it offers.

type SimpleProgressBar

type SimpleProgressBar interface {
	Initialize(path string) (io.Reader, int64, error)

type Space

type Space ccv2.Space

Space represents a CLI Space

type SpaceQuota

type SpaceQuota ccv2.SpaceQuota

type SpaceSummary

type SpaceSummary struct {
	OrgName                        string
	OrgDefaultIsolationSegmentGUID string
	AppNames                       []string
	ServiceInstanceNames           []string
	SpaceQuotaName                 string
	RunningSecurityGroupNames      []string
	StagingSecurityGroupNames      []string
	SecurityGroupRules             []SecurityGroupRule

type SpaceWithLifecycle

type SpaceWithLifecycle struct {
	Lifecycle constant.SecurityGroupLifecycle

type Stack

type Stack ccv2.Stack

type TargetSettings

type TargetSettings ccv2.TargetSettings

type UAAClient

type UAAClient interface {
	APIVersion() string
	Authenticate(credentials map[string]string, origin string, grantType constant.GrantType) (string, string, error)
	CreateUser(username string, password string, origin string) (uaa.User, error)
	GetSSHPasscode(accessToken string, sshOAuthClient string) (string, error)
	LoginPrompts() map[string][]string
	RefreshAccessToken(refreshToken string) (uaa.RefreshedTokens, error)

type User

type User ccv2.User

User represents a CLI user.

type UserProvidedServiceInstance

type UserProvidedServiceInstance ccv2.UserProvidedServiceInstance

UserProvidedServiceInstance represents an instance of a user-provided service.

func (UserProvidedServiceInstance) WithCredentials

func (u UserProvidedServiceInstance) WithCredentials(creds map[string]interface{}) UserProvidedServiceInstance

func (UserProvidedServiceInstance) WithRouteServiceURL

func (UserProvidedServiceInstance) WithSyslogDrainURL

func (UserProvidedServiceInstance) WithTags

type Warnings

type Warnings []string

Warnings is a list of warnings returned back from the cloud controller


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