The Diego Logging Client provides a generic client for Diego to Cloud Foundry's logging subsystem, Loggregator.

The client wraps the go-loggregator library to provide a tailored interface for Diego components.

Reporting issues and requesting features

Please report all issues and feature requests in cloudfoundry/diego-release.

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type Config

type Config struct {
	UseV2API      bool   `json:"loggregator_use_v2_api"`
	APIPort       int    `json:"loggregator_api_port"`
	CACertPath    string `json:"loggregator_ca_path"`
	CertPath      string `json:"loggregator_cert_path"`
	KeyPath       string `json:"loggregator_key_path"`
	JobDeployment string `json:"loggregator_job_deployment"`
	JobName       string `json:"loggregator_job_name"`
	JobIndex      string `json:"loggregator_job_index"`
	JobIP         string `json:"loggregator_job_ip"`
	JobOrigin     string `json:"loggregator_job_origin"`
	SourceID      string `json:"loggregator_source_id"`
	InstanceID    string `json:"loggregator_instance_id"`

	BatchMaxSize       uint `json:"loggregator_batch_max_size"`
	BatchFlushInterval time.Duration

Config is the shared configuration between v1 and v2 clients.

type ContainerMetric

type ContainerMetric struct {
	ApplicationId          string //deprecated
	InstanceIndex          int32  //deprecated
	CpuPercentage          float64
	MemoryBytes            uint64
	DiskBytes              uint64
	MemoryBytesQuota       uint64
	DiskBytesQuota         uint64
	AbsoluteCPUUsage       uint64
	AbsoluteCPUEntitlement uint64
	ContainerAge           uint64
	Tags                   map[string]string

A ContainerMetric records resource usage of an app in a container.

type IngressClient

type IngressClient interface {
	SendDuration(name string, value time.Duration, opts ...loggregator.EmitGaugeOption) error
	SendMebiBytes(name string, value int, opts ...loggregator.EmitGaugeOption) error
	SendMetric(name string, value int, opts ...loggregator.EmitGaugeOption) error
	SendBytesPerSecond(name string, value float64) error
	SendRequestsPerSecond(name string, value float64) error
	IncrementCounter(name string) error
	IncrementCounterWithDelta(name string, value uint64) error
	SendAppLog(message, sourceType string, tags map[string]string) error
	SendAppErrorLog(message, sourceType string, tags map[string]string) error
	SendAppMetrics(metrics ContainerMetric) error
	SendSpikeMetrics(metrics SpikeMetric) error
	SendComponentMetric(name string, value float64, unit string) error

IngressClient is the shared contract between v1 and v2 clients. go:generate counterfeiter -o testhelpers/fake_ingress_client.go . IngressClient

func NewIngressClient

func NewIngressClient(config Config) (IngressClient, error)

NewIngressClient returns a v2 client if the config.UseV2API is true, or a no op client.

func WrapClient

func WrapClient(c logClient, s, i string) IngressClient

type SpikeMetric

type SpikeMetric struct {
	Start time.Time
	End   time.Time
	Tags  map[string]string


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