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const (
	DockerHubHostname    = ""
	DockerHubLoginServer = ""

func FetchMetadata

func FetchMetadata(registryURL, repoName, tag string, ctx *types.SystemContext, stderr io.Writer) (*v1.ImageConfig, error)

func ParseDockerRef

func ParseDockerRef(dockerRef string) (string, string, string)

For standard docker image references expressed as a protocol-less string returns RegistryURL, repoName, tag|digest

func ParseRepositoryTag

func ParseRepositoryTag(repos string) (string, string)

stolen from docker/docker Get a repos name and returns the right reposName + tag The tag can be confusing because of a port in a repository name.

Ex: localhost.localdomain:5000/samalba/hipache:latest

func SaveMetadata

func SaveMetadata(filename string, metadata *protocol.DockerImageMetadata) error
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