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func RFC3339Formatter

func RFC3339Formatter(key string) zap.TimeFormatter

func UnixEpochFormatter

func UnixEpochFormatter(key string) zap.TimeFormatter


type LagerAdapter

type LagerAdapter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LagerAdapter satisfies the lager.Logger interface with zap as the implementation.

func NewLagerAdapter

func NewLagerAdapter(zapLogger Logger) *LagerAdapter

NewLagerAdapter returns a new lager.Logger that uses zap underneath.

func (*LagerAdapter) Debug

func (l *LagerAdapter) Debug(action string, data ...lager.Data)

Debug logs a message at the debug log level.

func (*LagerAdapter) Error

func (l *LagerAdapter) Error(action string, err error, data ...lager.Data)

Error logs a message at the error log level.

func (*LagerAdapter) Fatal

func (l *LagerAdapter) Fatal(action string, err error, data ...lager.Data)

Fatal logs a message and exits with status 1.

func (*LagerAdapter) Info

func (l *LagerAdapter) Info(action string, data ...lager.Data)

Info logs a message at the info log level.

func (*LagerAdapter) RegisterSink

func (l *LagerAdapter) RegisterSink(_ lager.Sink)

RegisterSink is never used after initialization, so it does nothing.

func (*LagerAdapter) Session

func (l *LagerAdapter) Session(task string, data ...lager.Data) lager.Logger

Session returns a new logger with a nested session.

func (*LagerAdapter) SessionName

func (l *LagerAdapter) SessionName() string

SessionName returns the name of the logger session

func (*LagerAdapter) WithData

func (l *LagerAdapter) WithData(data lager.Data) lager.Logger

WithData returns a logger with newly added data.

type Logger

type Logger interface {
	With(...zap.Field) Logger
	Check(zap.Level, string) *zap.CheckedMessage
	Log(zap.Level, string, ...zap.Field)
	Debug(string, ...zap.Field)
	Info(string, ...zap.Field)
	Warn(string, ...zap.Field)
	Error(string, ...zap.Field)
	DPanic(string, ...zap.Field)
	Panic(string, ...zap.Field)
	Fatal(string, ...zap.Field)
	Session(string) Logger
	SessionName() string

Logger is the zap.Logger interface with additional Session methods.

func NewLogger

func NewLogger(component string, timestampFormat string, options ...zap.Option) Logger

NewLogger returns a new zap logger that implements the Logger interface.


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