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type BindingFetcher

type BindingFetcher interface {
	FetchBindings() ([]syslog.Binding, error)

type Config

type Config struct {
	// DownstreamIngressPortCfg will define consumers on localhost that will
	// receive each envelope. It is assumed to adhere to the Loggregator Ingress
	// Service and use the provided TLS configuration.
	DownstreamIngressPortCfg string `env:"DOWNSTREAM_INGRESS_PORT_GLOB, report"`
	DebugPort                uint16 `env:"DEBUG_PORT, report"`
	GRPC                     GRPC
	Tags                     map[string]string `env:"AGENT_TAGS"`

    Config holds the configuration for the forwarder agent

    func LoadConfig

    func LoadConfig() Config

      LoadConfig will load the configuration for the forwarder agent from the environment. If loading the config fails for any reason this function will panic.

      type ForwarderAgent

      type ForwarderAgent struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        ForwarderAgent manages starting the forwarder agent service.

        func NewForwarderAgent

        func NewForwarderAgent(
        	cfg Config,
        	m Metrics,
        	log *log.Logger,
        ) *ForwarderAgent

          NewForwarderAgent intializes and returns a new forwarder agent.

          func (ForwarderAgent) Run

          func (s ForwarderAgent) Run()

          type GRPC

          type GRPC struct {
          	Port         uint16   `env:"AGENT_PORT, report"`
          	CAFile       string   `env:"AGENT_CA_FILE_PATH, required, report"`
          	CertFile     string   `env:"AGENT_CERT_FILE_PATH, required, report"`
          	KeyFile      string   `env:"AGENT_KEY_FILE_PATH, required, report"`
          	CipherSuites []string `env:"AGENT_CIPHER_SUITES, report"`

            GRPC stores the configuration for the router as a server using a PORT with mTLS certs and as a client.

            type Metrics

            type Metrics interface {
            	NewGauge(name string, opts ...metrics.MetricOption) metrics.Gauge
            	NewCounter(name string, opts ...metrics.MetricOption) metrics.Counter

            type Writer

            type Writer interface {
            	Write(*loggregator_v2.Envelope) error