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const (
	// DefaultPasswordLength represents the default length of a generated password
	// (number of characters)
	DefaultPasswordLength = 64


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type Certificate

type Certificate struct {
	IsCA        bool
	Certificate []byte
	PrivateKey  []byte

Certificate holds the information about a certificate

type CertificateGenerationRequest

type CertificateGenerationRequest struct {
	CommonName       string
	AlternativeNames []string
	IsCA             bool
	CA               Certificate

CertificateGenerationRequest specifies the generation parameters for Certificates

type Generator

type Generator interface {
	GeneratePassword(name string, request PasswordGenerationRequest) string
	GenerateCertificate(name string, request CertificateGenerationRequest) (Certificate, error)
	GenerateCertificateSigningRequest(request CertificateGenerationRequest) ([]byte, []byte, error)
	GenerateSSHKey(name string) (SSHKey, error)
	GenerateRSAKey(name string) (RSAKey, error)

Generator provides an interface for generating credentials like passwords, certificates or SSH and RSA keys

type PasswordGenerationRequest

type PasswordGenerationRequest struct {
	Length int

PasswordGenerationRequest specifies the generation parameters for Passwords

type RSAKey

type RSAKey struct {
	PrivateKey []byte
	PublicKey  []byte

RSAKey represents an RSA key

type SSHKey

type SSHKey struct {
	PrivateKey  []byte
	PublicKey   []byte
	Fingerprint string

SSHKey represents an SSH key


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