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Package config provides the common configuration of the Quarks operators



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const (
	// MeltdownDuration is the duration of the meltdown period, in which we
	// postpone further reconciles for the same resource
	MeltdownDuration = 1 * time.Minute
	// MeltdownRequeueAfter is the duration for which we delay the requeuing of the reconcile
	MeltdownRequeueAfter = 30 * time.Second


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func GetOperatorDockerImage

func GetOperatorDockerImage() string

GetOperatorDockerImage returns the image name of the operator docker image

func GetOperatorImagePullPolicy

func GetOperatorImagePullPolicy() corev1.PullPolicy

GetOperatorImagePullPolicy returns the image pull policy to be used for generated pods

func SetupOperatorDockerImage

func SetupOperatorDockerImage(org, repo, tag string) (err error)

SetupOperatorDockerImage initializes the package scoped variable

func SetupOperatorImagePullPolicy

func SetupOperatorImagePullPolicy(pullPolicy string) error

SetupOperatorImagePullPolicy sets the pull policy


type Config

type Config struct {
	CtxTimeOut           time.Duration
	MeltdownDuration     time.Duration
	MeltdownRequeueAfter time.Duration
	// MonitoredID we look for in namespace labels, before acting
	MonitoredID string
	// OperatorNamespace is where the webhook services of the operator are placed
	OperatorNamespace           string
	WebhookUseServiceRef        bool
	WebhookServerHost           string
	WebhookServerPort           int32
	Fs                          afero.Fs
	MaxBoshDeploymentWorkers    int
	MaxQuarksJobWorkers         int
	MaxQuarksSecretWorkers      int
	MaxQuarksStatefulSetWorkers int

Config controls the behaviour of different controllers

func NewDefaultConfig

func NewDefaultConfig(fs afero.Fs) *Config

NewDefaultConfig returns a new Config for a manager of controllers

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