Package crd handles the creation and updating of our CRDs in the cluster



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    func ApplyCRD

    func ApplyCRD(ctx context.Context, client extv1client.ApiextensionsV1beta1Interface, crdName, kind, plural string, shortNames []string, groupVersion schema.GroupVersion, validation *extv1.CustomResourceValidation) error

      ApplyCRD creates or updates the CRD - old func for compatibility

      func WaitForCRDReady

      func WaitForCRDReady(ctx context.Context, client extv1client.ApiextensionsV1beta1Interface, crdName string) error

        WaitForCRDReady blocks until the CRD is ready.


        type Builder

        type Builder struct {
        	CRD *extv1.CustomResourceDefinition
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Builder builds CRDs

          func New

          func New(
          	crdName string,
          	names extv1.CustomResourceDefinitionNames,
          	groupVersion schema.GroupVersion,
          ) *Builder

            New returns a new CRD builder

            func (*Builder) Apply

              Apply CRD to cluster

              func (*Builder) Build

              func (b *Builder) Build() *Builder

                Build the CRD

                func (*Builder) WithAdditionalPrinterColumns

                func (b *Builder) WithAdditionalPrinterColumns(cols []extv1.CustomResourceColumnDefinition) *Builder

                  WithAdditionalPrinterColumns add additional printer columns to the kubectl output

                  func (*Builder) WithValidation

                  func (b *Builder) WithValidation(validation *extv1.CustomResourceValidation) *Builder

                    WithValidation add validation struct to the CRDs field

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