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const (
	TCP_MAPPING_BASE_KEY  string = "/v1/tcp_routes/router_groups"
	HTTP_ROUTE_BASE_KEY   string = "/routes"
	ROUTER_GROUP_BASE_KEY string = "/v1/router_groups"

	TCP_WATCH          string = "tcp-watch"
	HTTP_WATCH         string = "http-watch"
	ROUTER_GROUP_WATCH string = "router-group-watch"
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const (
	KeyNotFound       = "KeyNotFound"
	NonUpdatableField = "NonUpdatableField"
	UniqueField       = "UniqueField"
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const (
	InvalidEvent = EventType(iota)


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var DeleteRouteError = DBError{Type: KeyNotFound, Message: "Delete Fails: Route does not exist"}
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var DeleteRouterGroupError = DBError{Type: KeyNotFound, Message: "Delete Fails: Router Group does not exist"}


func ConnectionString

func ConnectionString(cfg *config.SqlDB) (string, error)

func VerifyCertificatesIgnoreHostname

func VerifyCertificatesIgnoreHostname(rawCerts [][]byte, caCertPool *x509.CertPool) error


type Client

type Client interface {
	Close() error
	Where(query interface{}, args ...interface{}) Client
	Create(value interface{}) (int64, error)
	Delete(value interface{}, where ...interface{}) (int64, error)
	Save(value interface{}) (int64, error)
	Update(attrs ...interface{}) (int64, error)
	First(out interface{}, where ...interface{}) error
	Find(out interface{}, where ...interface{}) error
	AutoMigrate(values ...interface{}) error
	Begin() Client
	Rollback() error
	Commit() error
	HasTable(value interface{}) bool
	AddUniqueIndex(indexName string, columns ...string) (Client, error)
	RemoveIndex(indexName string) (Client, error)
	Model(value interface{}) Client
	Exec(query string, args ...interface{}) int64
	Rows(tableName string) (*sql.Rows, error)
	DropColumn(column string) error

func NewGormClient

func NewGormClient(db *gorm.DB) Client

type DB

type DB interface {
	ReadRoutes() ([]models.Route, error)
	SaveRoute(route models.Route) error
	DeleteRoute(route models.Route) error

	ReadTcpRouteMappings() ([]models.TcpRouteMapping, error)
	ReadFilteredTcpRouteMappings(columnName string, values []string) ([]models.TcpRouteMapping, error)
	SaveTcpRouteMapping(tcpMapping models.TcpRouteMapping) error
	DeleteTcpRouteMapping(tcpMapping models.TcpRouteMapping) error

	ReadRouterGroups() (models.RouterGroups, error)
	ReadRouterGroup(guid string) (models.RouterGroup, error)
	DeleteRouterGroup(guid string) error
	ReadRouterGroupByName(name string) (models.RouterGroup, error)
	SaveRouterGroup(routerGroup models.RouterGroup) error

	WatchChanges(watchType string) (<-chan Event, <-chan error, context.CancelFunc)


type DBError

type DBError struct {
	Type    string
	Message string

func (DBError) Error

func (err DBError) Error() string

type Event

type Event struct {
	Type  EventType
	Value string

func NewEventFromInterface

func NewEventFromInterface(eventType EventType, obj interface{}) (Event, error)

type EventType

type EventType int

func (EventType) String

func (e EventType) String() string

type MySQLAdapter

type MySQLAdapter struct{}

func (*MySQLAdapter) RegisterTLSConfig

func (m *MySQLAdapter) RegisterTLSConfig(key string, config *tls.Config) error

type MySQLConnectionStringBuilder

type MySQLConnectionStringBuilder struct {
	MySQLAdapter mySQLAdapter

func (*MySQLConnectionStringBuilder) Build

type SqlDB

type SqlDB struct {
	Client Client
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSqlDB

func NewSqlDB(cfg *config.SqlDB) (*SqlDB, error)

func (*SqlDB) CancelWatches

func (s *SqlDB) CancelWatches()

func (*SqlDB) CleanupRoutes

func (s *SqlDB) CleanupRoutes(logger lager.Logger, pruningInterval time.Duration, signals <-chan os.Signal)

func (*SqlDB) Connect

func (s *SqlDB) Connect() error

func (*SqlDB) DeleteRoute

func (s *SqlDB) DeleteRoute(route models.Route) error

func (*SqlDB) DeleteRouterGroup

func (s *SqlDB) DeleteRouterGroup(guid string) error

func (*SqlDB) DeleteTcpRouteMapping

func (s *SqlDB) DeleteTcpRouteMapping(tcpMapping models.TcpRouteMapping) error

func (*SqlDB) FindExpiredRoutes

func (s *SqlDB) FindExpiredRoutes(routes interface{}, c clock.Clock) error

func (*SqlDB) LockRouterGroupReads

func (s *SqlDB) LockRouterGroupReads()

func (*SqlDB) LockRouterGroupWrites

func (s *SqlDB) LockRouterGroupWrites()

func (*SqlDB) ReadFilteredTcpRouteMappings

func (s *SqlDB) ReadFilteredTcpRouteMappings(columnName string, values []string) ([]models.TcpRouteMapping, error)

func (*SqlDB) ReadRouterGroup

func (s *SqlDB) ReadRouterGroup(guid string) (models.RouterGroup, error)

func (*SqlDB) ReadRouterGroupByName

func (s *SqlDB) ReadRouterGroupByName(name string) (models.RouterGroup, error)

func (*SqlDB) ReadRouterGroups

func (s *SqlDB) ReadRouterGroups() (models.RouterGroups, error)

func (*SqlDB) ReadRoutes

func (s *SqlDB) ReadRoutes() ([]models.Route, error)

func (*SqlDB) ReadTcpRouteMappings

func (s *SqlDB) ReadTcpRouteMappings() ([]models.TcpRouteMapping, error)

func (*SqlDB) SaveRoute

func (s *SqlDB) SaveRoute(route models.Route) error

func (*SqlDB) SaveRouterGroup

func (s *SqlDB) SaveRouterGroup(routerGroup models.RouterGroup) error

func (*SqlDB) SaveTcpRouteMapping

func (s *SqlDB) SaveTcpRouteMapping(tcpRouteMapping models.TcpRouteMapping) error

func (*SqlDB) UnlockRouterGroupReads

func (s *SqlDB) UnlockRouterGroupReads()

func (*SqlDB) UnlockRouterGroupWrites

func (s *SqlDB) UnlockRouterGroupWrites()

func (*SqlDB) WatchChanges

func (s *SqlDB) WatchChanges(watchType string) (<-chan Event, <-chan error, context.CancelFunc)


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