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const (
	INTRO_CATEGORY       = "Getting Started"
	TOKEN_CATEGORY       = "Getting Tokens"
	CLIENT_CRUD_CATEGORY = "Managing Clients"
	USER_CRUD_CATEGORY   = "Managing Users"
	GROUP_CRUD_CATEGORY  = "Managing Groups"
	MISC_CATEGORY        = "Miscellaneous"

Command categories


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var RootCmd = cobra.Command{
	Use:   "uaa",
	Short: "A cli for interacting with UAAs",
	Long:  help.Root(version.VersionString()),


func ActivateUserCmd

func ActivateUserCmd(api *uaa.API, username, origin, attributes string) error

func ActivateUserValidations

func ActivateUserValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func AddMemberCmd

func AddMemberCmd(api *uaa.API, groupName, username string, log cli.Logger) error

func AddMemberPreRunValidations

func AddMemberPreRunValidations(config cli_config.Config, args []string) error

func AuthcodeTokenArgumentValidation

func AuthcodeTokenArgumentValidation(cfg config.Config, args []string, clientSecret string, tokenFormat string, port int) error

func AuthcodeTokenCommandRun

func AuthcodeTokenCommandRun(doneRunning chan bool, clientId string, authcodeImp cli.ClientImpersonator, log *cli.Logger)

func CreateClientCmd

func CreateClientCmd(api *uaa.API, clone, clientId, clientSecret, displayName, authorizedGrantTypes, authorities, redirectUri, scope string, accessTokenValidity int64, refreshTokenValidity int64) error

func CreateClientPreRunValidations

func CreateClientPreRunValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func CreateGroupCmd

func CreateGroupCmd(api *uaa.API, printer cli.Printer, name, description string) error

func CreateGroupValidation

func CreateGroupValidation(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func CreateUserCmd

func CreateUserCmd(api *uaa.API, printer cli.Printer, username, familyName, givenName, password, origin string, emails []string, phones []string) error

func CreateUserValidation

func CreateUserValidation(cfg config.Config, args []string, familyName, givenName string, emails []string) error

func CurlCmd

func CurlCmd(api *uaa.API, logger cli.Logger, path, method, data string, headers []string) error

func DeactivateUserCmd

func DeactivateUserCmd(api *uaa.API, username, origin, attributes string) error

func DeactivateUserValidations

func DeactivateUserValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func DeleteClientCmd

func DeleteClientCmd(api *uaa.API, clientId string) error

func DeleteClientValidations

func DeleteClientValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func DeleteUserCmd

func DeleteUserCmd(api *uaa.API, username, origin, attributes string) error

func DeleteUserValidations

func DeleteUserValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func Execute

func Execute()

Execute adds all child commands to the root command and sets flags appropriately. This is called by main.main(). It only needs to happen once to the rootCmd.

func GetAPIFromSavedTokenInContext

func GetAPIFromSavedTokenInContext() *uaa.API

func GetClientCmd

func GetClientCmd(api *uaa.API, clientId string) error

func GetClientCredentialsTokenCmd

func GetClientCredentialsTokenCmd(cfg config.Config, clientId, clientSecret string) error

func GetClientCredentialsTokenValidations

func GetClientCredentialsTokenValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string, clientSecret string) error

func GetClientValidations

func GetClientValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func GetCurlValidations

func GetCurlValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func GetGroupCmd

func GetGroupCmd(api *uaa.API, printer cli.Printer, name, attributes string) error

func GetGroupValidations

func GetGroupValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func GetLogger

func GetLogger() *cli.Logger

func GetPasswordTokenCmd

func GetPasswordTokenCmd(cfg config.Config, clientId, clientSecret, username, password, tokenFormat string) error

func GetPasswordTokenValidations

func GetPasswordTokenValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string, username, password string) error

func GetSavedConfig

func GetSavedConfig() config.Config

func GetTokenKeyCmd

func GetTokenKeyCmd(api *uaa.API) error

func GetTokenKeysCmd

func GetTokenKeysCmd(api *uaa.API) error

func GetUnauthenticatedAPI

func GetUnauthenticatedAPI() *uaa.API

func GetUnauthenticatedAPIFromConfig

func GetUnauthenticatedAPIFromConfig(cfg config.Config) *uaa.API

func GetUserCmd

func GetUserCmd(api *uaa.API, printer cli.Printer, username, origin, attributes string) error

func GetUserValidations

func GetUserValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func GroupMappingValidations

func GroupMappingValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string) error

func ImplicitTokenArgumentValidation

func ImplicitTokenArgumentValidation(cfg config.Config, args []string, port int) error

func ImplicitTokenCommandRun

func ImplicitTokenCommandRun(doneRunning chan bool, clientId string, implicitImp cli.ClientImpersonator, log *cli.Logger)

func InfoCmd

func InfoCmd(api *uaa.API) error

func ListClientsCmd

func ListClientsCmd(api *uaa.API) error

func ListClientsValidations

func ListClientsValidations(cfg config.Config) error

func ListGroupMappingsCmd

func ListGroupMappingsCmd(api *uaa.API, printer cli.Printer) error

func ListGroupValidations

func ListGroupValidations(cfg config.Config) error

func ListGroupsCmd

func ListGroupsCmd(api *uaa.API, printer cli.Printer, filter, sortBy, sortOrder, attributes string) error

func ListUserValidations

func ListUserValidations(cfg config.Config) error

func ListUsersCmd

func ListUsersCmd(api *uaa.API, printer cli.Printer, filter, sortBy, sortOrder, attributes string) error

func MapGroupCmd

func MapGroupCmd(api *uaa.API, printer cli.Printer, externalGroupName, groupName, origin string) error

func NewApiFromSavedConfig

func NewApiFromSavedConfig() *uaa.API

func RefreshTokenCmd

func RefreshTokenCmd(cfg config.Config, log cli.Logger, tokenFormat string) error

func RefreshTokenValidations

func RefreshTokenValidations(cfg config.Config, clientSecret string) error

func RemoveMemberCmd

func RemoveMemberCmd(api *uaa.API, groupName, username string, log cli.Logger) error

func RemoveMemberPreRunValidations

func RemoveMemberPreRunValidations(config cli_config.Config, args []string) error

func SaveContext

func SaveContext(ctx config.UaaContext, log *cli.Logger)

func SetClientSecretCmd

func SetClientSecretCmd(api *uaa.API, log cli.Logger, clientId, clientSecret string) error

func SetClientSecretValidation

func SetClientSecretValidation(cfg config.Config, args []string, clientSecret string) error

func ShowTargetCmd

func ShowTargetCmd(api *uaa.API, cfg config.Config, log cli.Logger) error

func UnmapGroupCmd

func UnmapGroupCmd(api *uaa.API, printer cli.Printer, externalGroupName, groupName, origin string) error

func UpdateClientCmd

func UpdateClientCmd(api *uaa.API, clientId, displayName, authorizedGrantTypes, authorities, redirectUri, scope string, accessTokenValidity, refreshTokenValidity int64) error

func UpdateClientValidations

func UpdateClientValidations(cfg config.Config, args []string, clientSecret string) error

func UpdateTargetCmd

func UpdateTargetCmd(cfg config.Config, newTarget string, log cli.Logger) error

func UserinfoCmd

func UserinfoCmd(api *uaa.API) error

func UserinfoValidations

func UserinfoValidations(cfg config.Config) error


type TargetStatus

type TargetStatus struct {
	Target            string
	Status            string
	UaaVersion        string
	SkipSSLValidation bool

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