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func ToAPIIssue

func ToAPIIssue(issue *models.Issue) *api.Issue

    ToAPIIssue converts an Issue to API format it assumes some fields assigned with values: Required - Poster, Labels, Optional - Milestone, Assignee, PullRequest

    func ToAPIIssueList

    func ToAPIIssueList(il models.IssueList) []*api.Issue

      ToAPIIssueList converts an IssueList to API format

      func ToAPIMilestone

      func ToAPIMilestone(m *models.Milestone) *api.Milestone

        ToAPIMilestone converts Milestone into API Format

        func ToAPIPullRequest

        func ToAPIPullRequest(pr *models.PullRequest) *api.PullRequest

          ToAPIPullRequest assumes following fields have been assigned with valid values: Required - Issue Optional - Merger

          func ToAnnotatedTag

          func ToAnnotatedTag(repo *models.Repository, t *git.Tag, c *git.Commit) *api.AnnotatedTag

            ToAnnotatedTag convert git.Tag to api.AnnotatedTag

            func ToAnnotatedTagObject

            func ToAnnotatedTagObject(repo *models.Repository, commit *git.Commit) *api.AnnotatedTagObject

              ToAnnotatedTagObject convert a git.Commit to an api.AnnotatedTagObject

              func ToBranch

              func ToBranch(repo *models.Repository, b *git.Branch, c *git.Commit, bp *models.ProtectedBranch, user *models.User, isRepoAdmin bool) (*api.Branch, error)

                ToBranch convert a git.Commit and git.Branch to an api.Branch

                func ToBranchProtection

                func ToBranchProtection(bp *models.ProtectedBranch) *api.BranchProtection

                  ToBranchProtection convert a ProtectedBranch to api.BranchProtection

                  func ToCommit

                  func ToCommit(repo *models.Repository, commit *git.Commit, userCache map[string]*models.User) (*api.Commit, error)

                    ToCommit convert a git.Commit to api.Commit

                    func ToCommitMeta

                    func ToCommitMeta(repo *models.Repository, tag *git.Tag) *api.CommitMeta

                      ToCommitMeta convert a git.Tag to an api.CommitMeta

                      func ToCommitUser

                      func ToCommitUser(sig *git.Signature) *api.CommitUser

                        ToCommitUser convert a git.Signature to an api.CommitUser

                        func ToCorrectPageSize

                        func ToCorrectPageSize(size int) int

                          ToCorrectPageSize makes sure page size is in allowed range.

                          func ToDeployKey

                          func ToDeployKey(apiLink string, key *models.DeployKey) *api.DeployKey

                            ToDeployKey convert models.DeployKey to api.DeployKey

                            func ToEmail

                            func ToEmail(email *models.EmailAddress) *api.Email

                              ToEmail convert models.EmailAddress to api.Email

                              func ToGPGKey

                              func ToGPGKey(key *models.GPGKey) *api.GPGKey

                                ToGPGKey converts models.GPGKey to api.GPGKey

                                func ToGPGKeyEmail

                                func ToGPGKeyEmail(email *models.EmailAddress) *api.GPGKeyEmail

                                  ToGPGKeyEmail convert models.EmailAddress to api.GPGKeyEmail

                                  func ToGitHook

                                  func ToGitHook(h *git.Hook) *api.GitHook

                                    ToGitHook convert git.Hook to api.GitHook

                                    func ToGitServiceType

                                    func ToGitServiceType(value string) structs.GitServiceType

                                      ToGitServiceType return GitServiceType based on string

                                      func ToHook

                                      func ToHook(repoLink string, w *models.Webhook) *api.Hook

                                        ToHook convert models.Webhook to api.Hook

                                        func ToLabel

                                        func ToLabel(label *models.Label) *api.Label

                                          ToLabel converts Label to API format

                                          func ToLabelList

                                          func ToLabelList(labels []*models.Label) []*api.Label

                                            ToLabelList converts list of Label to API format

                                            func ToOAuth2Application

                                            func ToOAuth2Application(app *models.OAuth2Application) *api.OAuth2Application

                                              ToOAuth2Application convert from models.OAuth2Application to api.OAuth2Application

                                              func ToOrganization

                                              func ToOrganization(org *models.User) *api.Organization

                                                ToOrganization convert models.User to api.Organization

                                                func ToPayloadCommit

                                                func ToPayloadCommit(repo *models.Repository, c *git.Commit) *api.PayloadCommit

                                                  ToPayloadCommit convert a git.Commit to api.PayloadCommit

                                                  func ToPublicKey

                                                  func ToPublicKey(apiLink string, key *models.PublicKey) *api.PublicKey

                                                    ToPublicKey convert models.PublicKey to api.PublicKey

                                                    func ToPullReview

                                                    func ToPullReview(r *models.Review, doer *models.User) (*api.PullReview, error)

                                                      ToPullReview convert a review to api format

                                                      func ToPullReviewCommentList

                                                      func ToPullReviewCommentList(review *models.Review, doer *models.User) ([]*api.PullReviewComment, error)

                                                        ToPullReviewCommentList convert the CodeComments of an review to it's api format

                                                        func ToPullReviewList

                                                        func ToPullReviewList(rl []*models.Review, doer *models.User) ([]*api.PullReview, error)

                                                          ToPullReviewList convert a list of review to it's api format

                                                          func ToStopWatches

                                                          func ToStopWatches(sws []*models.Stopwatch) (api.StopWatches, error)

                                                            ToStopWatches convert Stopwatch list to api.StopWatches

                                                            func ToTag

                                                            func ToTag(repo *models.Repository, t *git.Tag) *api.Tag

                                                              ToTag convert a git.Tag to an api.Tag

                                                              func ToTeam

                                                              func ToTeam(team *models.Team) *api.Team

                                                                ToTeam convert models.Team to api.Team

                                                                func ToTopicResponse

                                                                func ToTopicResponse(topic *models.Topic) *api.TopicResponse

                                                                  ToTopicResponse convert from models.Topic to api.TopicResponse

                                                                  func ToTrackedTime

                                                                  func ToTrackedTime(t *models.TrackedTime) (apiT *api.TrackedTime)

                                                                    ToTrackedTime converts TrackedTime to API format

                                                                    func ToTrackedTimeList

                                                                    func ToTrackedTimeList(tl models.TrackedTimeList) api.TrackedTimeList

                                                                      ToTrackedTimeList converts TrackedTimeList to API format

                                                                      func ToUser

                                                                      func ToUser(user *models.User, signed, authed bool) *api.User

                                                                        ToUser convert models.User to api.User signed shall only be set if requester is logged in. authed shall only be set if user is site admin or user himself

                                                                        func ToVerification

                                                                        func ToVerification(c *git.Commit) *api.PayloadCommitVerification

                                                                          ToVerification convert a git.Commit.Signature to an api.PayloadCommitVerification


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