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func CleanUploadFileName

func CleanUploadFileName(name string) string

CleanUploadFileName Trims a filename and returns empty string if it is a .git directory

func CommitRepoAction

func CommitRepoAction(optsList ...*CommitRepoActionOptions) error

CommitRepoAction adds new commit action to the repository, and prepare corresponding webhooks.

func CountDivergingCommits

func CountDivergingCommits(repo *models.Repository, branch string) (*git.DivergeObject, error)

CountDivergingCommits determines how many commits a branch is ahead or behind the repository's base branch

func CreateCommitStatus

func CreateCommitStatus(repo *models.Repository, creator *models.User, sha string, status *models.CommitStatus) error

CreateCommitStatus creates a new CommitStatus given a bunch of parameters NOTE: All text-values will be trimmed from whitespaces. Requires: Repo, Creator, SHA

func CreateOrUpdateRepoFile

func CreateOrUpdateRepoFile(repo *models.Repository, doer *models.User, opts *UpdateRepoFileOptions) (*structs.FileResponse, error)

CreateOrUpdateRepoFile adds or updates a file in the given repository

func DeleteRepoFile

func DeleteRepoFile(repo *models.Repository, doer *models.User, opts *DeleteRepoFileOptions) (*api.FileResponse, error)

DeleteRepoFile deletes a file in the given repository

func GetAuthorAndCommitterUsers

func GetAuthorAndCommitterUsers(author, committer *IdentityOptions, doer *models.User) (authorUser, committerUser *models.User)

GetAuthorAndCommitterUsers Gets the author and committer user objects from the IdentityOptions

func GetBlobBySHA

func GetBlobBySHA(repo *models.Repository, sha string) (*api.GitBlobResponse, error)

GetBlobBySHA get the GitBlobResponse of a repository using a sha hash.

func GetContents

func GetContents(repo *models.Repository, treePath, ref string, forList bool) (*api.ContentsResponse, error)

GetContents gets the meta data on a file's contents. Ref can be a branch, commit or tag

func GetContentsOrList

func GetContentsOrList(repo *models.Repository, treePath, ref string) (interface{}, error)

GetContentsOrList gets the meta data of a file's contents (*ContentsResponse) if treePath not a tree directory, otherwise a listing of file contents ([]*ContentsResponse). Ref can be a branch, commit or tag

func GetDiffPreview

func GetDiffPreview(repo *models.Repository, branch, treePath, content string) (*gitdiff.Diff, error)

GetDiffPreview produces and returns diff result of a file which is not yet committed.

func GetFileCommitResponse

func GetFileCommitResponse(repo *models.Repository, commit *git.Commit) (*api.FileCommitResponse, error)

GetFileCommitResponse Constructs a FileCommitResponse from a Commit object

func GetFileResponseFromCommit

func GetFileResponseFromCommit(repo *models.Repository, commit *git.Commit, branch, treeName string) (*api.FileResponse, error)

GetFileResponseFromCommit Constructs a FileResponse from a Commit object

func GetPayloadCommitVerification

func GetPayloadCommitVerification(commit *git.Commit) *structs.PayloadCommitVerification

GetPayloadCommitVerification returns the verification information of a commit

func GetTreeBySHA

func GetTreeBySHA(repo *models.Repository, sha string, page, perPage int, recursive bool) (*api.GitTreeResponse, error)

GetTreeBySHA get the GitTreeResponse of a repository using a sha hash.

func PushUpdate

func PushUpdate(repo *models.Repository, branch string, opts PushUpdateOptions) error

PushUpdate must be called for any push actions in order to generates necessary push action history feeds and other operations

func PushUpdates

func PushUpdates(repo *models.Repository, optsList []*PushUpdateOptions) error

PushUpdates generates push action history feeds for push updating multiple refs

func UpdateIssuesCommit

func UpdateIssuesCommit(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository, commits []*repository.PushCommit, branchName string) error

UpdateIssuesCommit checks if issues are manipulated by commit message.

func UploadRepoFiles

func UploadRepoFiles(repo *models.Repository, doer *models.User, opts *UploadRepoFileOptions) error

UploadRepoFiles uploads files to the given repository

type CommitDateOptions

type CommitDateOptions struct {
	Author    time.Time
	Committer time.Time

CommitDateOptions store dates for GIT_AUTHOR_DATE and GIT_COMMITTER_DATE

type CommitRepoActionOptions

type CommitRepoActionOptions struct {

	RepoOwnerID int64
	Commits     *repository.PushCommits

CommitRepoActionOptions represent options of a new commit action.

type ContentType

type ContentType string

ContentType repo content type

const (
	// ContentTypeRegular regular content type (file)
	ContentTypeRegular ContentType = "file"
	// ContentTypeDir dir content type (dir)
	ContentTypeDir ContentType = "dir"
	// ContentLink link content type (symlink)
	ContentTypeLink ContentType = "symlink"
	// ContentTag submodule content type (submodule)
	ContentTypeSubmodule ContentType = "submodule"

The string representations of different content types

func (*ContentType) String

func (ct *ContentType) String() string

String gets the string of ContentType

type DeleteRepoFileOptions

type DeleteRepoFileOptions struct {
	LastCommitID string
	OldBranch    string
	NewBranch    string
	TreePath     string
	Message      string
	SHA          string
	Author       *IdentityOptions
	Committer    *IdentityOptions
	Dates        *CommitDateOptions

DeleteRepoFileOptions holds the repository delete file options

type IdentityOptions

type IdentityOptions struct {
	Name  string
	Email string

IdentityOptions for a person's identity like an author or committer

type PushUpdateOptions

type PushUpdateOptions struct {
	PusherID     int64
	PusherName   string
	RepoUserName string
	RepoName     string
	RefFullName  string
	OldCommitID  string
	NewCommitID  string

PushUpdateOptions defines the push update options

func (PushUpdateOptions) BranchName

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) BranchName() string

BranchName returns simple branch name if it's an operation to branch

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsBranch

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsBranch() bool

IsBranch return true if it's a push to branch

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsDelBranch

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsDelBranch() bool

IsDelBranch return true if it's a deletion to a branch

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsDelRef

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsDelRef() bool

IsDelRef return true if it's a deletion to a branch or tag

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsDelTag

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsDelTag() bool

IsDelTag return true if it's a deletion to a tag

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsNewBranch

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsNewBranch() bool

IsNewBranch return true if it's the first-time push to a branch

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsNewRef

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsNewRef() bool

IsNewRef return true if it's a first-time push to a branch, tag or etc.

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsNewTag

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsNewTag() bool

IsNewTag return true if it's a creation to a tag

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsTag

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsTag() bool

IsTag return true if it's an operation to a tag

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsUpdateBranch

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsUpdateBranch() bool

IsUpdateBranch return true if it's not the first push to a branch

func (PushUpdateOptions) IsUpdateRef

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) IsUpdateRef() bool

IsUpdateRef return true if it's an update operation

func (PushUpdateOptions) RepoFullName

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) RepoFullName() string

RepoFullName returns repo full name

func (PushUpdateOptions) TagName

func (opts PushUpdateOptions) TagName() string

TagName returns simple tag name if it's an operation to a tag

type TemporaryUploadRepository

type TemporaryUploadRepository struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TemporaryUploadRepository is a type to wrap our upload repositories as a shallow clone

func NewTemporaryUploadRepository

func NewTemporaryUploadRepository(repo *models.Repository) (*TemporaryUploadRepository, error)

NewTemporaryUploadRepository creates a new temporary upload repository

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) AddObjectToIndex

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) AddObjectToIndex(mode, objectHash, objectPath string) error

AddObjectToIndex adds the provided object hash to the index with the provided mode and path

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) CheckAttribute

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) CheckAttribute(attribute string, args ...string) (map[string]map[string]string, error)

CheckAttribute checks the given attribute of the provided files

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) Clone

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) Clone(branch string) error

Clone the base repository to our path and set branch as the HEAD

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) Close

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) Close()

Close the repository cleaning up all files

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) CommitTree

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) CommitTree(author, committer *models.User, treeHash string, message string) (string, error)

CommitTree creates a commit from a given tree for the user with provided message

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) CommitTreeWithDate

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) CommitTreeWithDate(author, committer *models.User, treeHash string, message string, authorDate, committerDate time.Time) (string, error)

CommitTreeWithDate creates a commit from a given tree for the user with provided message

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) DiffIndex

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) DiffIndex() (*gitdiff.Diff, error)

DiffIndex returns a Diff of the current index to the head

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) GetBranchCommit

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) GetBranchCommit(branch string) (*git.Commit, error)

GetBranchCommit Gets the commit object of the given branch

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) GetCommit

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) GetCommit(commitID string) (*git.Commit, error)

GetCommit Gets the commit object of the given commit ID

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) GetLastCommit

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) GetLastCommit() (string, error)

GetLastCommit gets the last commit ID SHA of the repo

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) GetLastCommitByRef

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) GetLastCommitByRef(ref string) (string, error)

GetLastCommitByRef gets the last commit ID SHA of the repo by ref

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) HashObject

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) HashObject(content io.Reader) (string, error)

HashObject writes the provided content to the object db and returns its hash

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) LsFiles

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) LsFiles(filenames ...string) ([]string, error)

LsFiles checks if the given filename arguments are in the index

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) Push

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) Push(doer *models.User, commitHash string, branch string) error

Push the provided commitHash to the repository branch by the provided user

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) RemoveFilesFromIndex

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) RemoveFilesFromIndex(filenames ...string) error

RemoveFilesFromIndex removes the given files from the index

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) SetDefaultIndex

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) SetDefaultIndex() error

SetDefaultIndex sets the git index to our HEAD

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) WriteTree

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) WriteTree() (string, error)

WriteTree writes the current index as a tree to the object db and returns its hash

type UpdateRepoFileOptions

type UpdateRepoFileOptions struct {
	LastCommitID string
	OldBranch    string
	NewBranch    string
	TreePath     string
	FromTreePath string
	Message      string
	Content      string
	SHA          string
	IsNewFile    bool
	Author       *IdentityOptions
	Committer    *IdentityOptions
	Dates        *CommitDateOptions

UpdateRepoFileOptions holds the repository file update options

type UploadRepoFileOptions

type UploadRepoFileOptions struct {
	LastCommitID string
	OldBranch    string
	NewBranch    string
	TreePath     string
	Message      string
	Files        []string // In UUID format.

UploadRepoFileOptions contains the uploaded repository file options

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