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const (
	// OptionalBoolNone a "null" boolean value
	OptionalBoolNone = iota
	// OptionalBoolTrue a "true" boolean value
	// OptionalBoolFalse a "false" boolean value


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func EnsureAbsolutePath

func EnsureAbsolutePath(path string, absoluteBase string) string

EnsureAbsolutePath ensure that a path is absolute, making it relative to absoluteBase if necessary

func ExistsInSlice

func ExistsInSlice(target string, slice []string) bool

ExistsInSlice returns true if string exists in slice.

func GetDirectorySize

func GetDirectorySize(path string) (int64, error)

GetDirectorySize returns the dumb disk consumption for a given path

func IsEmptyString

func IsEmptyString(s string) bool

IsEmptyString checks if the provided string is empty

func IsEqualSlice

func IsEqualSlice(target []string, source []string) bool

IsEqualSlice returns true if slices are equal.

func IsInt64InSlice

func IsInt64InSlice(target int64, slice []int64) bool

IsInt64InSlice sequential searches if int64 exists in slice.

func IsSliceInt64Eq

func IsSliceInt64Eq(a, b []int64) bool

IsSliceInt64Eq returns if the two slice has the same elements but different sequences.

func IsStringInSlice

func IsStringInSlice(target string, slice []string) bool

IsStringInSlice sequential searches if string exists in slice.

func Max

func Max(a, b int) int

Max max of two ints

func Min

func Min(a, b int) int

Min min of two ints

func NormalizeEOL

func NormalizeEOL(input []byte) []byte

NormalizeEOL will convert Windows (CRLF) and Mac (CR) EOLs to UNIX (LF)

func PathEscapeSegments

func PathEscapeSegments(path string) string

PathEscapeSegments escapes segments of a path while not escaping forward slash

func Remove

func Remove(name string) error

Remove removes the named file or (empty) directory with at most 5 attempts.

func RemoveAll

func RemoveAll(name string) error

RemoveAll removes the named file or (empty) directory with at most 5 attempts.Remove

func SanitizeMessage

func SanitizeMessage(message, unsanitizedURL string) string

SanitizeMessage sanitizes a message which may contains a sensitive URL

func SanitizeURLCredentials

func SanitizeURLCredentials(unsanitizedURL string, usePlaceholder bool) string

SanitizeURLCredentials sanitizes a url, either removing user credentials or replacing them with a placeholder.

func ShellEscape

func ShellEscape(toEscape string) string

ShellEscape will escape the provided string. We can't just use go-shellquote here because our preferences for escaping differ from those in that we want:

* If the string doesn't require any escaping just leave it as it is. * If the string requires any escaping prefer double quote escaping * If we have ! or newlines then we need to use single quote escaping

func StopTimer

func StopTimer(t *time.Timer) bool

StopTimer is a utility function to safely stop a time.Timer and clean its channel

func URLJoin

func URLJoin(base string, elems ...string) string

URLJoin joins url components, like path.Join, but preserving contents

func URLSanitizedError

func URLSanitizedError(err error, unsanitizedURL string) error

URLSanitizedError returns the sanitized version an error whose message may contain a sensitive URL


type Int64Slice

type Int64Slice []int64

Int64Slice attaches the methods of Interface to []int64, sorting in increasing order.

func (Int64Slice) Len

func (p Int64Slice) Len() int

func (Int64Slice) Less

func (p Int64Slice) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Int64Slice) Swap

func (p Int64Slice) Swap(i, j int)

type OptionalBool

type OptionalBool byte

OptionalBool a boolean that can be "null"

func OptionalBoolOf

func OptionalBoolOf(b bool) OptionalBool

OptionalBoolOf get the corresponding OptionalBool of a bool

func (OptionalBool) IsFalse

func (o OptionalBool) IsFalse() bool

IsFalse return true if equal to OptionalBoolFalse

func (OptionalBool) IsNone

func (o OptionalBool) IsNone() bool

IsNone return true if equal to OptionalBoolNone

func (OptionalBool) IsTrue

func (o OptionalBool) IsTrue() bool

IsTrue return true if equal to OptionalBoolTrue