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    Sender sender for sending mail synchronously


    func InitMailRender

    func InitMailRender(subjectTpl *texttmpl.Template, bodyTpl *template.Template)

      InitMailRender initializes the mail renderer

      func LoginAuth

      func LoginAuth(username, password string) smtp.Auth

        LoginAuth SMTP AUTH LOGIN Auth Handler

        func MailMentionsComment

        func MailMentionsComment(pr *models.PullRequest, c *models.Comment, mentions []*models.User) (err error)

          MailMentionsComment sends email to users mentioned in a code comment

          func MailNewRelease

          func MailNewRelease(rel *models.Release)

            MailNewRelease send new release notify to all all repo watchers.

            func MailParticipants

            func MailParticipants(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, opType models.ActionType, mentions []*models.User) error

              MailParticipants sends new issue thread created emails to repository watchers and mentioned people.

              func MailParticipantsComment

              func MailParticipantsComment(c *models.Comment, opType models.ActionType, issue *models.Issue, mentions []*models.User) error

                MailParticipantsComment sends new comment emails to repository watchers and mentioned people.

                func NewContext

                func NewContext()

                  NewContext start mail queue service

                  func SendActivateAccountMail

                  func SendActivateAccountMail(locale Locale, u *models.User)

                    SendActivateAccountMail sends an activation mail to the user (new user registration)

                    func SendActivateEmailMail

                    func SendActivateEmailMail(locale Locale, u *models.User, email *models.EmailAddress)

                      SendActivateEmailMail sends confirmation email to confirm new email address

                      func SendAsync

                      func SendAsync(msg *Message)

                        SendAsync send mail asynchronously

                        func SendAsyncs

                        func SendAsyncs(msgs []*Message)

                          SendAsyncs send mails asynchronously

                          func SendCollaboratorMail

                          func SendCollaboratorMail(u, doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository)

                            SendCollaboratorMail sends mail notification to new collaborator.

                            func SendIssueAssignedMail

                            func SendIssueAssignedMail(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, content string, comment *models.Comment, tos []string)

                              SendIssueAssignedMail composes and sends issue assigned email

                              func SendRegisterNotifyMail

                              func SendRegisterNotifyMail(locale Locale, u *models.User)

                                SendRegisterNotifyMail triggers a notify e-mail by admin created a account.

                                func SendResetPasswordMail

                                func SendResetPasswordMail(locale Locale, u *models.User)

                                  SendResetPasswordMail sends a password reset mail to the user

                                  func SendTestMail

                                  func SendTestMail(email string) error

                                    SendTestMail sends a test mail

                                    func SendUserMail

                                    func SendUserMail(language string, u *models.User, tpl base.TplName, code, subject, info string)

                                      SendUserMail sends a mail to the user


                                      type Locale

                                      type Locale interface {
                                      	Language() string
                                      	Tr(string, ...interface{}) string

                                        Locale represents an interface to translation

                                        type Message

                                        type Message struct {
                                        	Info            string // Message information for log purpose.
                                        	FromAddress     string
                                        	FromDisplayName string
                                        	To              []string
                                        	Subject         string
                                        	Date            time.Time
                                        	Body            string
                                        	Headers         map[string][]string

                                          Message mail body and log info

                                          func NewMessage

                                          func NewMessage(to []string, subject, body string) *Message

                                            NewMessage creates new mail message object with default From header.

                                            func NewMessageFrom

                                            func NewMessageFrom(to []string, fromDisplayName, fromAddress, subject, body string) *Message

                                              NewMessageFrom creates new mail message object with custom From header.

                                              func (*Message) SetHeader

                                              func (m *Message) SetHeader(field string, value ...string)

                                                SetHeader adds additional headers to a message

                                                func (*Message) ToMessage

                                                func (m *Message) ToMessage() *gomail.Message

                                                  ToMessage converts a Message to gomail.Message