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Published: May 27, 2019 | License: BSD-2-Clause | Module:


Package query is used to parse the simple query language used by Soquee.


type IssueStatus

type IssueStatus int

IssueStatus represents the status of an issue (closed, open or any).

const (
	StatusAny IssueStatus = iota

A collection of issue statuses. Issues may be open or closed, and, in this special case "Any" which means "either of those".

type Query

type Query struct {
	Status   IssueStatus
	TSVector string
	Assignee string
	Limit    int
	Labels   []string

Query contains the parsed query string split into fields. This struct may grow over time and the field order is not part the package stability guarantee.

TSVector is a PostgreSQL compatible full text search string. It is not guaranteed to be safe from SQL injection and should always be parameterized.

func Bytes

func Bytes(q []byte) *Query

Bytes parses a query from a byte slice.

func Parse

func Parse(r io.Reader) (*Query, error)

Parse parses the query string from r and returns a parsed representation.

func String

func String(q string) *Query

String parses a query from a string.

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