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Published: Feb 5, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 10 Imported by: 692



The cosmossdk.io/log provides a zerolog logging implementation for the Cosmos SDK and Cosmos SDK modules.




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const ModuleKey = "module"

ModuleKey defines a module logging key.


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var ContextKey struct{}

ContextKey is used to store the logger in the context.


func NewFilterWriter added in v1.0.0

func NewFilterWriter(parent io.Writer, filter FilterFunc) io.Writer

NewFilterWriter returns a writer that filters out all key/value pairs that do not match the filter. If the filter is nil, the writer will pass all events through. The filter function is called with the module and level of the event.

func WithJSONMarshal added in v1.3.0

func WithJSONMarshal(marshaler func(v any) ([]byte, error))

WithJSONMarshal configures zerolog global json encoding.


type Config added in v1.0.0

type Config struct {
	Level      zerolog.Level
	Filter     FilterFunc
	OutputJSON bool
	Color      bool
	StackTrace bool
	TimeFormat string
	Hooks      []zerolog.Hook

Config defines configuration for the logger.

type FilterFunc

type FilterFunc func(key, level string) bool

FilterFunc is a function that returns true if the log level is filtered for the given key When the filter returns true, the log entry is discarded.

func ParseLogLevel

func ParseLogLevel(levelStr string) (FilterFunc, error)

ParseLogLevel parses complex log level A comma-separated list of module:level pairs with an optional *:level pair (* means all other modules).

Example: ParseLogLevel("consensus:debug,mempool:debug,*:error")

This function attempts to keep the same behavior as the CometBFT ParseLogLevel However the level `none` is replaced by `disabled`.

type Logger

type Logger interface {
	// Info takes a message and a set of key/value pairs and logs with level INFO.
	// The key of the tuple must be a string.
	Info(msg string, keyVals ...any)

	// Warn takes a message and a set of key/value pairs and logs with level WARN.
	// The key of the tuple must be a string.
	Warn(msg string, keyVals ...any)

	// Error takes a message and a set of key/value pairs and logs with level ERR.
	// The key of the tuple must be a string.
	Error(msg string, keyVals ...any)

	// Debug takes a message and a set of key/value pairs and logs with level DEBUG.
	// The key of the tuple must be a string.
	Debug(msg string, keyVals ...any)

	// With returns a new wrapped logger with additional context provided by a set.
	With(keyVals ...any) Logger

	// Impl returns the underlying logger implementation.
	// It is used to access the full functionalities of the underlying logger.
	// Advanced users can type cast the returned value to the actual logger.
	Impl() any

Logger is the Cosmos SDK logger interface. It maintains as much backward compatibility with the CometBFT logger as possible. All functionalities of the logger are available through the Impl() method.

func NewCustomLogger

func NewCustomLogger(logger zerolog.Logger) Logger

NewCustomLogger returns a new logger with the given zerolog logger.

func NewLogger

func NewLogger(dst io.Writer, options ...Option) Logger

NewLogger returns a new logger that writes to the given destination.

Typical usage from a main function is:

logger := log.NewLogger(os.Stderr)

Stderr is the typical destination for logs, so that any output from your application can still be piped to other processes.

func NewNopLogger

func NewNopLogger() Logger

NewNopLogger returns a new logger that does nothing.

func NewTestLogger

func NewTestLogger(t TestingT) Logger

NewTestLogger returns a logger that calls t.Log to write entries.

The returned logger emits messages at any level. For active debugging of a test with verbose logs, the NewTestLoggerInfo and NewTestLoggerError functions only emit messages at or above the corresponding log levels.

If the logs may help debug a test failure, you may want to use NewTestLogger(t) in your test. Otherwise, use NewNopLogger().

func NewTestLoggerError added in v1.0.0

func NewTestLoggerError(t TestingT) Logger

NewTestLoggerError returns a test logger that filters out messages below Error level.

This is primarily helpful during active debugging of a test with verbose logs.

func NewTestLoggerInfo added in v1.0.0

func NewTestLoggerInfo(t TestingT) Logger

NewTestLoggerInfo returns a test logger that filters out messages below info level.

This is primarily helpful during active debugging of a test with verbose logs.

type Option added in v1.0.0

type Option func(*Config)

func ColorOption added in v1.1.0

func ColorOption(val bool) Option

ColorOption add option to enable/disable coloring of the logs when console writer is in use

func FilterOption added in v1.0.0

func FilterOption(filter FilterFunc) Option

FilterOption sets the filter for the Logger.

func HooksOption added in v1.3.0

func HooksOption(hooks ...zerolog.Hook) Option

HooksOption append hooks to the Logger hooks

func LevelOption added in v1.0.0

func LevelOption(level zerolog.Level) Option

LevelOption sets the level for the Logger. Messages with a lower level will be discarded.

func OutputJSONOption added in v1.0.0

func OutputJSONOption() Option

OutputJSONOption sets the output of the logger to JSON. By default, the logger outputs to a human-readable format.

func TimeFormatOption added in v1.1.0

func TimeFormatOption(format string) Option

TimeFormatOption configures timestamp format of the logger timestamps disabled if empty. it is responsibility of the caller to provider correct values Supported formats:

  • time.Layout
  • time.ANSIC
  • time.UnixDate
  • time.RubyDate
  • time.RFC822
  • time.RFC822Z
  • time.RFC850
  • time.RFC1123
  • time.RFC1123Z
  • time.RFC3339
  • time.RFC3339Nano
  • time.Kitchen

func TraceOption added in v1.2.0

func TraceOption(val bool) Option

TraceOption add option to enable/disable print of stacktrace on error log

type TestingT

type TestingT zerolog.TestingLog

TestingT is the interface required for logging in tests. It is a subset of testing.T to avoid a direct dependency on the testing package.

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