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Published: Jul 18, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package encoding contains subpackages to convert CUE to and from byte-level and textual representations.

For some packages, CUE can be mapped to both concrete values and higher-level definitions. For instance, a Go value can be mapped based on its concrete values or on its underlying type. Similarly, the protobuf package can extract CUE definitions from .proto definitions files, but also convert proto messages to concrete values.

To clarify between these cases, we adopt the following naming convention:

Name        Direction   Level    Example
Decode      x -> CUE    Value    Convert an incoming proto message to CUE
Encode      CUE -> x    Value    Convert CUE to JSON
Extract     x -> CUE    Type     Extract CUE definition from .proto file
Generate    CUE -> x    Type     Generate OpenAPI definition from CUE

To be more precise, Decoders and Encoders deal with concrete values only.

Unmarshal and Marshal are used if the respective Decoder and Encoder decode and encode from and to a stream of bytes.

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