Package os defines tasks for retrieving os-related information.

    CUE definitions:

    // A Value are all possible values allowed in flags.
    // A null value unsets an environment variable.
    Value: bool | number | *string | null
    // Name indicates a valid flag name.
    Name: !="" & !~"^[$]"
    // Setenv defines a set of command line flags, the values of which will be set
    // at run time. The doc comment of the flag is presented to the user in help.
    // To define a shorthand, define the shorthand as a new flag referring to
    // the flag of which it is a shorthand.
    Setenv: {
        $id: "tool/os.Setenv"
        {[Name]: Value}
    // Getenv gets and parses the specific command line variables.
    Getenv: {
        $id: "tool/os.Getenv"
        {[Name]: Value}
    // Environ populates a struct with all environment variables.
    Environ: {
        $id: "tool/os.Environ"
        // A map of all populated values.
        // Individual entries may be specified ahead of time to enable
        // validation and parsing. Values that are marked as required
        // will fail the task if they are not found.
        {[Name]: Value}
    // Clearenv clears all environment variables.
    Clearenv: {
        $id: "tool/os.Clearenv"

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