F2215UTE16V H8S/2215
Renesas 16-Bit Single-Chip Microcomputer H8S Family/H8S/2200 Series ?
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const (
	NUL = 0x00
	ETX = 0x03 // End of Text
	ESC = 0x1B // Escape
	FS  = 0x1C // File Separator
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const (
	MM = Unit(20.0)
	CM = 10 * MM
	M  = 100 * CM
	IN = 25.4 * MM
	FT = 12 * IN
	PT = IN / 72


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var A4 = Point{272 * MM, 200 * MM}
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var MediaID = make(map[int]Media)
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var Medias = []Media{
		Descr:   "Card without Craft Paper Backing",
		ID:      100,
		Speed:   10,
		Force:   27,
		Overcut: 18,
		Descr:   "Card with Craft Paper Backing",
		ID:      101,
		Speed:   10,
		Force:   27,
		Overcut: 18,
		Descr:   "Vinyl Sticker",
		ID:      102,
		Speed:   10,
		Force:   10,
		Overcut: 18,
		Descr:   "Film Labels",
		ID:      106,
		Speed:   10,
		Force:   14,
		Overcut: 18,
		Descr:   "Magnetic Sheet",
		ID:      107,
		Speed:   10,
		Force:   12,
		Overcut: 18,
		Descr:   "Thick Media",
		ID:      111,
		Speed:   10,
		Force:   27,
		Overcut: 18,
		Descr:   "Thin Media",
		ID:      112,
		Speed:   10,
		Force:   2,
		Overcut: 18,
		Descr:   "Pen",
		ID:      113,
		Speed:   10,
		Force:   10,
		Overcut: 0,
		Descr:   "Custom",
		ID:      300,
		Speed:   10,
		Force:   10,
		Overcut: 18,


func BootUpgrade

func BootUpgrade(c *bufio.ReadWriter) string


    func Calibrate

    func Calibrate(c *bufio.Writer)

    func DrawMarks

    func DrawMarks(c *bufio.Writer, offset, size Point, length int)

    func DrawPic

    func DrawPic(c *bufio.Writer)

    func EasterEgg

    func EasterEgg(c *bufio.Writer)

    func EnableDebug

    func EnableDebug(c *bufio.Writer)

    func GoHome

    func GoHome(c *bufio.Writer)

    func Home

    func Home(c *bufio.Writer)

    func Init

    func Init(c *bufio.Writer)

    func Initialize

    func Initialize(c *bufio.ReadWriter, mid int, o Orientation)

    func Origin

    func Origin(c *bufio.Writer)

    func Print

    func Print(c *bufio.Writer, in io.Reader, scale Unit)

    func Ready

    func Ready(c *bufio.ReadWriter) bool

    func Recv

    func Recv(c *bufio.Reader) string

    func Send

    func Send(c *bufio.Writer, a interface{})

    func StatusWord

    func StatusWord(c *bufio.ReadWriter) string

    func TestCut

    func TestCut(c *bufio.Writer)

    func TestLoop

    func TestLoop(c *bufio.Writer)

    func TestPattern

    func TestPattern(c *bufio.Writer)

    func UpdateFirmware

    func UpdateFirmware(c *bufio.ReadWriter) bool

    func Version

    func Version(c *bufio.ReadWriter) string


    type Device

    type Device interface {
    	Handle() *bufio.ReadWriter

    func NewDevice

    func NewDevice() Device

    type Direction

    type Direction byte
    const (
    	Stop Direction = 1 << iota >> 1

    func (Direction) Step

    func (d Direction) Step(c *bufio.Writer)

    type Font

    type Font map[rune]Glyph

    type Glyph

    type Glyph struct {
    	S Set
    	W Unit

    type LP

    type LP struct {

    func NewLP

    func NewLP(path string) (LP, error)

    func (LP) Close

    func (d LP) Close()

    func (LP) Handle

    func (d LP) Handle() *bufio.ReadWriter

    func (LP) SetNonblock

    func (d LP) SetNonblock()

    type LineStyle

    type LineStyle int
    const (
    	Solid LineStyle = iota

    func (LineStyle) LineStyle

    func (l LineStyle) LineStyle(c *bufio.Writer)

    type Media

    type Media struct {
    	Descr   string // Description
    	ID      int    // FW111
    	Speed   int    // !10
    	Force   int    // FX10,0
    	Overcut int    // FC ?

    func (Media) Apply

    func (m Media) Apply(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Media) String

    func (m Media) String() string

    type Orientation

    type Orientation int
    const (
    	Portrait Orientation = iota

    func (Orientation) Orientation

    func (o Orientation) Orientation(c *bufio.Writer)

    type Page

    type Page []Path

    type Path

    type Path []Point

    func (Path) Bezier

    func (ph Path) Bezier(c *bufio.Writer, a int)

    func (Path) Circle

    func (ph Path) Circle(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Path) Circle3P

    func (ph Path) Circle3P(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Path) CircleRelative

    func (ph Path) CircleRelative(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Path) Curve

    func (ph Path) Curve(c *bufio.Writer, a int)

    func (Path) CurveRelative

    func (ph Path) CurveRelative(c *bufio.Writer, a int)

    func (Path) Draw

    func (ph Path) Draw(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Path) DrawRelative

    func (ph Path) DrawRelative(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Path) Ellipse

    func (ph Path) Ellipse(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Path) Line

    func (ph Path) Line(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Path) Scale

    func (ph Path) Scale(f Unit) (ret Path)

    type Point

    type Point struct {
    	X, Y Unit

    func Calibration

    func Calibration(c *bufio.ReadWriter) Point

    func DistanceCorrection

    func DistanceCorrection(c *bufio.ReadWriter) Point

    func LowerLeft

    func LowerLeft(c *bufio.ReadWriter) Point

    func Offset

    func Offset(c *bufio.ReadWriter) Point

    func UpperRight

    func UpperRight(c *bufio.ReadWriter) Point

    func (Point) Calibration

    func (p Point) Calibration(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Point) CuttingArea

    func (p Point) CuttingArea(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Point) Draw

    func (p Point) Draw(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Point) DrawRelative

    func (p Point) DrawRelative(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Point) LineStyle

    func (p Point) LineStyle(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Point) LowerLeft

    func (p Point) LowerLeft(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Point) Move

    func (p Point) Move(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Point) MoveRelative

    func (p Point) MoveRelative(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Point) Offset

    func (p Point) Offset(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Point) Scale

    func (p Point) Scale(f Unit) Point

    func (Point) SearchMarks

    func (p Point) SearchMarks(c *bufio.ReadWriter, auto bool) bool

    func (Point) String

    func (p Point) String() (s string)

    func (Point) UpperRight

    func (p Point) UpperRight(c *bufio.Writer)

    type Set

    type Set []Path

    type Triple

    type Triple struct {
    	U, V, W Unit

    func CallGin

    func CallGin(c *bufio.ReadWriter) Triple

    func Gin

    func Gin(c *bufio.ReadWriter) Triple

    func (Triple) Factor

    func (t Triple) Factor(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Triple) String

    func (t Triple) String() string

    type Unit

    type Unit float64

    func (Unit) DistanceCorrection

    func (u Unit) DistanceCorrection(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) Force

    func (u Unit) Force(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) LineScale

    func (u Unit) LineScale(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) Media

    func (u Unit) Media(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) Origin

    func (u Unit) Origin(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) Overcut

    func (u Unit) Overcut(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) RegMarkLen

    func (u Unit) RegMarkLen(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) Speed

    func (u Unit) Speed(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) String

    func (u Unit) String() string

    func (Unit) TrackEnhancing

    func (u Unit) TrackEnhancing(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) UnknownFE

    func (u Unit) UnknownFE(c *bufio.Writer)

    func (Unit) UnknownFQ

    func (u Unit) UnknownFQ(c *bufio.ReadWriter) Unit


    Path Synopsis
    Decrypt Graphtec files
    Decrypt Graphtec files