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var ErrUserNotFound = errors.New("user not found or wrong key")


func Connect

func Connect() error

func DeleteChannel

func DeleteChannel(userID, name string) error

func GetThumb

func GetThumb(channelName string) (d []byte, err error)

func PutThumb

func PutThumb(channelName string, d []byte) error

func SetUser

func SetUser(userID string, token *oauth2.Token, announce bool) error

func UpdateChannel

func UpdateChannel(userID, name string, announce bool) error


type ChannelAuth

type ChannelAuth struct {
	UserID   string
	Name     string
	Announce bool
	Token    *oauth2.Token

func VerifyFTL

func VerifyFTL(channelID string, nonce, hmacProvided []byte) (auth ChannelAuth, err error)

func VerifyRTMP

func VerifyRTMP(u *url.URL) (auth ChannelAuth, err error)

type ChannelDef

type ChannelDef struct {
	Name     string `json:"name"`
	Key      string `json:"key"`
	Announce bool   `json:"announce"`
	FTLKey   string `json:"ftl_key"`

	RTMPDir  string `json:"rtmp_dir"`
	RTMPBase string `json:"rtmp_base"`

func CreateChannel

func CreateChannel(userID, name string) (def *ChannelDef, err error)

func ListChannelDefs

func ListChannelDefs(userID string) (defs []*ChannelDef, err error)

func (*ChannelDef) SetURL

func (d *ChannelDef) SetURL(base string)

type ChannelInfo

type ChannelInfo struct {
	Name      string `json:"name"`
	Live      bool   `json:"live"`
	Last      int64  `json:"last"`
	Thumb     string `json:"thumb"`
	LiveURL   string `json:"live_url"`
	WebURL    string `json:"web_url"`
	NativeURL string `json:"native_url"`
	Viewers   int    `json:"viewers"`
	RTC       bool   `json:"rtc"`

func ListChannelInfo

func ListChannelInfo() (ret []*ChannelInfo, err error)

func (*ChannelInfo) Equal

func (i *ChannelInfo) Equal(j *ChannelInfo) bool

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