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type Config

type Config struct {
	// Logger to use.
	Log zerolog.Logger

	// Target OS and architecture (in GOOS/GOARCH format)
	OS   string
	Arch string

	// Release is true if this is a release build.
	Release bool

	// The version being built.
	Version string

	// RepoDir is the path to the encore repo on the filesystem.
	RepoDir string

	// CacheDir is the cache dir to use for the build.
	CacheDir string

	// The path to the MacOS SDK. Must be set for cross-compiles to macOS.
	MacSDKPath option.Option[string]

	// Whether or not to publish packages to NPM. Only used if Release is also true.
	PublishNPMPackages bool

	// Whether to copy the built native module back to the repo dir.
	CopyNativeModuleToRepo bool

func (*Config) CrossMacSDKPath

func (cfg *Config) CrossMacSDKPath() string

func (*Config) Exe

func (cfg *Config) Exe() string

Exe returns the executable file suffix for the target OS.

func (*Config) IsCross

func (cfg *Config) IsCross() bool

IsCross reports whether the build is a cross-compile.

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