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var (
	ErrNoEncoreApp    = errors.New("no found in directory (or any of the parent directories)")
	ErrEncoreAppIsDir = errors.New(" is a directory, not a file")
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var Newline string


func AppRoot

func AppRoot() (appRoot, relPath string)

AppRoot is like MaybeAppRoot but instead of returning an error it prints it to stderr and exits.

func AppSlug

func AppSlug() string

AppSlug reports the current app's app slug. It throws a fatal error if the app is not connected with the Encore Platform.

func AutoCompleteAppSlug added in v1.13.1

func AutoCompleteAppSlug(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string, toComplete string) ([]string, cobra.ShellCompDirective)

func AutoCompleteEnvSlug added in v1.13.1

func AutoCompleteEnvSlug(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string, toComplete string) (rtn []string, dir cobra.ShellCompDirective)

func AutoCompleteFromStaticList added in v1.13.1

func AutoCompleteFromStaticList(args ...string) func(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string, toComplete string) ([]string, cobra.ShellCompDirective)

func ConnectDaemon

func ConnectDaemon(ctx context.Context) daemonpb.DaemonClient

ConnectDaemon sets up the Encore daemon if it isn't already running and returns a client connected to it.

func DisplayError

func DisplayError(out *os.File, err []byte)

func Fatal

func Fatal(args ...any)

func Fatalf

func Fatalf(format string, args ...any)

func MaybeAppRoot added in v1.25.1

func MaybeAppRoot() (appRoot, relPath string, err error)

MaybeAppRoot determines the app root by looking for the "" file, initially in the current directory and then recursively in parent directories up to the filesystem root.

It reports the absolute path to the app root, and the relative path from the app root to the working directory.

func StartDaemonInBackground

func StartDaemonInBackground(ctx context.Context) error

StartDaemonInBackground starts the Encore daemon in the background.

func StopDaemon

func StopDaemon()


type Oneof added in v1.25.0

type Oneof struct {
	Value   string
	Allowed []string

	Flag      string // defaults to "output" if empty
	FlagShort string // defaults to "o" if both Flag and FlagShort are empty
	Desc      string // usage desc
	TypeDesc  string // type description, defaults to the name of the flag

func (*Oneof) AddFlag added in v1.25.0

func (o *Oneof) AddFlag(cmd *cobra.Command)

func (*Oneof) Alternatives added in v1.25.0

func (o *Oneof) Alternatives() string

Alternatives lists the alternatives in the format "a|b|c".

func (*Oneof) FlagName added in v1.25.0

func (o *Oneof) FlagName() (name, short string)

func (*Oneof) Set added in v1.25.0

func (o *Oneof) Set(v string) error

func (*Oneof) String added in v1.25.0

func (o *Oneof) String() string

func (*Oneof) Type added in v1.25.0

func (o *Oneof) Type() string

func (*Oneof) Usage added in v1.25.0

func (o *Oneof) Usage() string

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