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var Version string

Version is the version of the encore binary. It is set using `go build -ldflags "-X"`.


func Compare added in v1.12.0

func Compare(againstVersion string) int

Compare compares this version of Encore against another version accounting for the release channel.

If the releases are from the same channel, then it returns:

  • 0 if the versions are the same
  • a negative number if this version is older than the other
  • a positive number if this version is newer than the other

If the releases are from different channels, it always returns 1.

func ConfigHash

func ConfigHash() (string, error)

ConfigHash reports a hash of the configuration that affects the behavior of the daemon. It is used to decide whether to restart the daemon.


type ReleaseChannel added in v1.9.3

type ReleaseChannel string
const (
	GA       ReleaseChannel = "ga"      // A general availability release of Encore in Semver: v1.10.0
	Beta     ReleaseChannel = "beta"    // A beta build of an upcoming Encore release: v1.10.0-beta.1
	Nightly  ReleaseChannel = "nightly" // A nightly build of Encore with the date of the build: v1.10.0-nightly.20221231
	DevBuild ReleaseChannel = "develop" // A development build of Encore with the commit of the build: v0.0.0-develop+0140ab0f78fd10d52673a961e900993b64b7b9e3

var Channel ReleaseChannel

Channel tells us which ReleaseChannel this build of Encore is under

func ChannelFor added in v1.33.0

func ChannelFor(version string) ReleaseChannel

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