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func FromGoASTNode

func FromGoASTNode(fileset *token.FileSet, node ast.Node, fileReaders ...paths.FileReader) option.Option[*SrcLocation]

FromGoASTNode returns a SrcLocation from a Go AST node storing the start and end locations of that node.

func FromGoASTNodeWithTypeAndText added in v1.9.3

func FromGoASTNodeWithTypeAndText(fileset *token.FileSet, node ast.Node, typ LocationType, text string, fileReaders ...paths.FileReader) option.Option[*SrcLocation]

func FromGoTokenPos added in v1.14.5

func FromGoTokenPos(fileset *token.FileSet, start, end token.Pos, fileReaders ...paths.FileReader) option.Option[*SrcLocation]

func FromGoTokenPositions

func FromGoTokenPositions(start token.Position, end token.Position, fileReaders ...paths.FileReader) option.Option[*SrcLocation]

FromGoTokenPositions returns a SrcLocation from two Go token positions. They can be the same position or different positions. However, they must be locations within the same file.

This function will panic if the locations are in different files.

func GuessEndColumn added in v1.35.3

func GuessEndColumn(data []byte, offset int) int


type ErrParams

type ErrParams struct {
	Code      int          `json:"code"`
	Title     string       `json:"title"`
	Summary   string       `json:"summary"`
	Detail    string       `json:"detail,omitempty"`
	Cause     error        `json:"-"`
	Locations SrcLocations `json:"locations,omitempty"`

ErrParams are used to create *errinsrc.ErrInSrc objects.

It exists within an `internal` package so that it can only be used by other packages within the `errinsrc` folder. This is enforce through the Go compiler that all errors are created inside the `srcerrors` subpackage.

type File

type File struct {
	RelPath  string // The relative path within the project
	FullPath string // The full path to the file
	Contents []byte // The contents of the file

type LocationType

type LocationType uint8
const (
	LocError   LocationType = iota // Renders in red
	LocWarning                     // Renders in yellow
	LocHelp                        // Renders in blue

type Pos

type Pos struct {
	Line int `json:"line"`
	Col  int `json:"col"`

type SrcLocation

type SrcLocation struct {
	Type  LocationType `json:"type"`           // The type of this location
	Text  string       `json:"text,omitempty"` // Optional text to render at this location
	File  *File        `json:"file,omitempty"` // The file containing the error
	Start Pos          `json:"start"`          // The position this location starts at
	End   Pos          `json:"end"`            // The position this location ends at

func FromCueTokenPos

func FromCueTokenPos(cueLoc interface {
	Filename() string
	Line() int
	Column() int
}, pathPrefix string) *SrcLocation

FromCueTokenPos converts a cueerror.Pos to a SrcLocation

We use an interface for `cue/token.Pos` so we can test it

func (*SrcLocation) Less

func (s *SrcLocation) Less(other *SrcLocation) bool

type SrcLocations

type SrcLocations []*SrcLocation

SrcLocations represents a list of locations within the source code. It can be sorted and split up into separate lists using GroupByFile

func LocationsFromCueError

func LocationsFromCueError(err cueerrors.Error, pathPrefix string) SrcLocations

LocationsFromCueError returns a list of SrcLocations based on what was given in the cueerror.Error.

func NewSrcLocations added in v1.29.5

func NewSrcLocations(opts ...option.Option[*SrcLocation]) SrcLocations

func (SrcLocations) GroupByFile

func (s SrcLocations) GroupByFile() []SrcLocations

GroupByFile groups all locations by file and returns a new SrcLocations for each file.

If a file has overlapping locations or two locations on the same line then more than one SrcLocations will be returned for that file. This is due to a limitation in the srcrender, and may be relaxed in the future.

func (SrcLocations) Len

func (s SrcLocations) Len() int

func (SrcLocations) Less

func (s SrcLocations) Less(i, j int) bool

func (SrcLocations) Swap

func (s SrcLocations) Swap(i, j int)

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