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var GenerateForInternalPackageTests = false

GenerateForInternalPackageTests is set to true when we're running the maingen package tests, to generate code without temporary directories in the file paths (for reproducibility).


func Gen

func Gen(p GenParams) *config.Static

func GenAppConfig added in v1.25.0

func GenAppConfig(p GenParams, test option.Option[testParams]) *config.Static


type GenParams

type GenParams struct {
	Gen           *codegen.Generator
	Desc          *app.Desc
	MainModule    *pkginfo.Module
	RuntimeModule *pkginfo.Module

	// CompilerVersion is the version of the compiler to embed in the generated code.
	CompilerVersion string
	// AppRevision is the revision of the app to embed in the generated code.
	AppRevision string
	// AppUncommitted tracks whether there were uncommitted changes in the app
	// at the time of build.
	AppUncommitted bool

	APIHandlers    map[*api.Endpoint]*codegen.VarDecl
	AuthHandler    option.Option[*codegen.VarDecl]
	Middleware     map[*middleware.Middleware]*codegen.VarDecl
	ServiceStructs map[*app.Service]*codegen.VarDecl

	// Test contains configuration for generating test code.
	Test option.Option[codegen.TestConfig]

	// ExecScriptMainPkg is the main package to build for an ExecScript execution.
	ExecScriptMainPkg option.Option[paths.Pkg]

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