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Package build supports building and testing Encore applications with codegen and rewrite overlays.

Package build supports building and testing Encore applications with codegen and rewrite overlays.



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var (
	ErrTestFailed = errRange.New("Test Failure", "One or more more tests failed.")


func RunTests added in v1.34.0

func RunTests(ctx context.Context, spec *TestSpec, cfg *RunTestsConfig)

func Test

func Test(ctx context.Context, cfg *TestConfig)


type Config

type Config struct {
	// Ctx controls the build.
	Ctx *parsectx.Context

	// Overlays describes the code generation overlays to apply,
	// in the form of rewritten files or generated files.
	Overlays []overlay.File

	// KeepOutput keeps the temporary build directory from being deleted in the case of failure.
	KeepOutput bool

	// Env are additional environment variables to set.
	Env []string

	// MainPkg is the main package to build.
	MainPkg paths.Pkg

	// NoBinary specifies that no binary should be built.
	// It's used if MainPkg specifies multiple packages,
	// which for example is the case when checking for compilation errors
	// without building a binary (such as during tests).
	NoBinary bool

	// StaticConfig is the static config to embed into the binary.
	StaticConfig *config.Static

type GenerateTestSpecConfig added in v1.34.0

type GenerateTestSpecConfig struct {

	// Args are additional arguments to "go test".
	Args []string

type Result

type Result struct {
	Dir paths.FS
	Exe paths.FS

func Build

func Build(ctx context.Context, cfg *Config) *Result

type RunTestsConfig added in v1.34.0

type RunTestsConfig struct {
	// Stdout specifies the stdout to use.
	Stdout io.Writer

	// Stderr specifies the stderr to use.
	Stderr io.Writer

	// WorkingDir is the working directory to invoke
	// the "go test" command from.
	WorkingDir paths.FS

type TestConfig

type TestConfig struct {

type TestSpec added in v1.34.0

type TestSpec struct {
	Command string
	Args    []string
	Environ []string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func GenerateTestSpec added in v1.34.0

func GenerateTestSpec(ctx context.Context, cfg *GenerateTestSpecConfig) *TestSpec

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