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func Resources

func Resources[R resource.Resource](res *Result) []R


type Parser

type Parser struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewParser

func NewParser(c *parsectx.Context) *Parser

func (*Parser) MainModule

func (p *Parser) MainModule() *pkginfo.Module

func (*Parser) Parse

func (p *Parser) Parse() *Result

Parse parses the given application for uses of the Encore API Framework and the Encore infrastructure SDK.

func (*Parser) RuntimeModule added in v1.16.0

func (p *Parser) RuntimeModule() *pkginfo.Module

type Result

type Result struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Result) AllBinds

func (d *Result) AllBinds() []resource.Bind

func (*Result) AllUsageExprs

func (d *Result) AllUsageExprs() []usage.Expr

func (*Result) AllUsages

func (d *Result) AllUsages() []usage.Usage

func (*Result) AppPackages

func (d *Result) AppPackages() []*pkginfo.Package

func (*Result) BindForQN

func (*Result) Binds

func (d *Result) Binds(res resource.Resource) []resource.Bind

func (*Result) MainModule

func (d *Result) MainModule() *pkginfo.Module

func (*Result) PackageAt

func (d *Result) PackageAt(path paths.Pkg) option.Option[*pkginfo.Package]

func (*Result) PkgDeclBinds

func (d *Result) PkgDeclBinds(res resource.Resource) []*resource.PkgDeclBind

func (*Result) ResourceConstructorContaining

func (d *Result) ResourceConstructorContaining(node ast.Node) option.Option[resource.Resource]

func (*Result) ResourceForBind

func (d *Result) ResourceForBind(b resource.Bind) resource.Resource

func (*Result) ResourceForQN

func (d *Result) ResourceForQN(qn pkginfo.QualifiedName) option.Option[resource.Resource]

func (*Result) Resources

func (d *Result) Resources() []resource.Resource

func (*Result) UsageFromNode

func (d *Result) UsageFromNode(node ast.Node) option.Option[usage.Usage]

func (*Result) Usages

func (d *Result) Usages(res resource.Resource) []usage.Usage

func (*Result) UsagesInPkg

func (d *Result) UsagesInPkg(pkgPath paths.Pkg) []usage.Usage

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