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type FeedConfig

type FeedConfig struct {
	AtomPath string
	JsonPath string
	RssPath  string

	Title       string
	Url         string
	Description string
	AuthorName  string
	AuthorEmail string
	Updated     time.Time
	Created     time.Time
	Id          string
	Subtitle    string
	Copyright   string
	ImageUrl    string
	ImageTitle  string
	ImageWidth  int
	ImageHeight int

	ItemConfig ItemConfig

type ItemConfig

type ItemConfig struct {
	TitleKey        string
	AuthorNameKey   string
	AuthorEmailKey  string
	DescriptionKey  string
	IdKey           string
	UpdatedKey      string
	CreatedKey      string
	ContentKey      string
	ContentFromFile bool

type Syndicate

type Syndicate struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Syndicate chainable context.

func New

func New(baseUrl, feedNameKey string) *Syndicate

New creates a new instance of the Syndicate plugin

func (*Syndicate) Finalize

func (self *Syndicate) Finalize(context *goldsmith.Context) error

func (*Syndicate) Name

func (*Syndicate) Name() string

func (*Syndicate) Process

func (self *Syndicate) Process(context *goldsmith.Context, inputFile *goldsmith.File) error

func (*Syndicate) WithFeed

func (self *Syndicate) WithFeed(name string, config FeedConfig) *Syndicate

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