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Published: Jan 19, 2020 | License: AGPL-3.0 | Module:


func Add

func Add(c *gin.Context)

Add used for add new page

func AddCollaborator

func AddCollaborator(c *gin.Context)

AddCollaborator used for add collaborator for contribute into page

func AddVersion

func AddVersion(userID int, contentID int, pageID int)

AddVersion used for generate versioning page every changes

func Change

func Change(c *gin.Context)

Change used for change page

func ChangeAL

func ChangeAL(c *gin.Context)

ChangeAL used for change access level page

func Copy

func Copy(c *gin.Context)

Copy used for copy page

func CreateRestorePoint

func CreateRestorePoint(userID int, contentID int, pageID int) (output []crud.PageVersion)

CreateRestorePoint used for create versioning page every changes

func Get

func Get(c *gin.Context)

Get used for get page details

func List

func List(c *gin.Context)

List used for get page list

func ListArchive

func ListArchive(c *gin.Context)

ListArchive used for get page_archive list

func ListVersion

func ListVersion(c *gin.Context)

ListVersion used for get page versions

func Permission

func Permission(c *gin.Context)

Permission used for checking permission for this page

func Remove

func Remove(c *gin.Context)

Remove used for remove page

func RemoveArchive

func RemoveArchive(c *gin.Context)

RemoveArchive used for remove archive page

func RemoveCollaborator

func RemoveCollaborator(c *gin.Context)

RemoveCollaborator used for remove page collaborator

func Restore

func Restore(c *gin.Context)

Restore used for restore page on archive

func RevertVersion

func RevertVersion(c *gin.Context)

RevertVersion used for revert page versions

func SaveRestorePoint

func SaveRestorePoint(input []crud.PageVersion)

SaveRestorePoint used for save versioning page every changes

func Share

func Share(c *gin.Context)

Share used for share page to people

type AccessLevelParam

type AccessLevelParam struct {
	AccessLevel int `json:"access_level,omitempty"`

AccessLevelParam used as param for change page access level

type CollaboratorParam

type CollaboratorParam struct {
	Email string `json:"email,omitempty" binding:"required,max=100"`

CollaboratorParam used as param for add page collaborator

type Page

type Page struct {

Page used as crud object

type ShareParam

type ShareParam struct {
	Email     string `json:"email,omitempty" binding:"required,max=100"`
	YourEmail string `json:"your_email,omitempty" binding:"omitempty,max=100"`

ShareParam used as param for share page

Package Files

  • add.go
  • add_collaborator.go
  • add_version.go
  • change.go
  • change_al.go
  • copy.go
  • get.go
  • list.go
  • list_archive.go
  • list_version.go
  • object.go
  • permission.go
  • remove.go
  • remove_archive.go
  • remove_collaborator.go
  • restore.go
  • revert.go
  • share.go
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