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Package font provides type describing font faces attributes.



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type Face

type Face interface {
	Face() font.Face

Face is an opaque handle to a typeface. The concrete implementation depends upon the kind of font and shaper in use.

type Font

type Font struct {
	// Typeface specifies the name(s) of the the font faces to try. See [Typeface]
	// for details.
	Typeface Typeface
	// Style specifies the kind of text style.
	Style Style
	// Weight is the text weight.
	Weight Weight

Font specify a particular typeface variant, style and weight.

type FontFace

type FontFace struct {
	Font Font
	Face Face

A FontFace is a Font and a matching Face.

type Style

type Style int

Style is the font style.

const (
	Regular Style = iota

func (Style) String

func (s Style) String() string

type Typeface

type Typeface string

Typeface identifies a list of font families to attempt to use for displaying a string. The syntax is a comma-delimited list of family names. In order to allow for the remote possibility of needing to express a font family name containing a comma, name entries may be quoted using either single or double quotes. Within quotes, a literal quotation mark can be expressed by escaping it with `\`. A literal backslash may be expressed by escaping it with another `\`.

Here's an example Typeface:

Times New Roman, Georgia, serif

This is equivalent to the above:

"Times New Roman", 'Georgia', serif

Here are some valid uses of escape sequences:

"Contains a literal \" doublequote", 'Literal \' Singlequote', "\\ Literal backslash", '\\ another'

This syntax has the happy side effect that most CSS "font-family" rules are valid Typefaces (without the trailing semicolon).

Generic CSS font families are supported, and are automatically expanded to lists of known font families with a matching style. The supported generic families are:

  • fantasy
  • math
  • emoji
  • serif
  • sans-serif
  • cursive
  • monospace

type Weight

type Weight int

Weight is a font weight, in CSS units subtracted 400 so the zero value is normal text weight.

const (
	Thin       Weight = -300
	ExtraLight Weight = -200
	Light      Weight = -100
	Normal     Weight = 0
	Medium     Weight = 100
	SemiBold   Weight = 200
	Bold       Weight = 300
	ExtraBold  Weight = 400
	Black      Weight = 500

func (Weight) String

func (w Weight) String() string


Path Synopsis
Package gofont exports the Go fonts as a text.Collection.
Package gofont exports the Go fonts as a text.Collection.
Package opentype implements text layout and shaping for OpenType files.
Package opentype implements text layout and shaping for OpenType files.

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