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func AddParser

func AddParser(parser ParseDirFunc)

AddParser to the known parser list

func ParseDir

func ParseDir(dirPath, basePath string, data *DomainMap) error

ParseDir calls all known parser for each directory

func ParseDirRec

func ParseDirRec(dirPath string, exclude []string, data *DomainMap, verbose bool) error

ParseDirRec calls all known parser for each directory


type Domain

type Domain struct {
	Translations        TranslationMap
	ContextTranslations map[string]TranslationMap

Domain holds all translations of one domain

func (*Domain) AddTranslation

func (d *Domain) AddTranslation(translation *Translation)

AddTranslation to the domain

func (*Domain) Dump

func (d *Domain) Dump() string

Dump the domain as string

func (*Domain) Save

func (d *Domain) Save(path string) error

Save domain to file

type DomainMap

type DomainMap struct {
	Domains map[string]*Domain
	Default string

DomainMap contains multiple domains as map with name as key

func (*DomainMap) AddTranslation

func (m *DomainMap) AddTranslation(domain string, translation *Translation)

AddTranslation to domain map

func (*DomainMap) Save

func (m *DomainMap) Save(directory string) error

Save domains to directory

type GetterDef

type GetterDef struct {
	Id      int
	Plural  int
	Context int
	Domain  int

GetterDef describes a getter

type GoFile

type GoFile struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GoFile handles the parsing of one go file

type ParseDirFunc

type ParseDirFunc func(filePath, basePath string, data *DomainMap) error

ParseDirFunc parses one directory

type Translation

type Translation struct {
	MsgId           string
	MsgIdPlural     string
	Context         string
	SourceLocations []string

Translation for a text to translate

func (*Translation) AddLocations

func (t *Translation) AddLocations(locations []string)

AddLocations to translation

func (*Translation) Dump

func (t *Translation) Dump() string

Dump translation as string

type TranslationMap

type TranslationMap map[string]*Translation

TranslationMap contains a map of translations with the ID as key

func (TranslationMap) Dump

func (m TranslationMap) Dump() string

Dump the translation map as string

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