There are two app's here: the KVStoreApplication and the PersistentKVStoreApplication.


The KVStoreApplication is a simple merkle key-value store. Transactions of the form key=value are stored as key-value pairs in the tree. Transactions without an = sign set the value to the key. The app has no replay protection (other than what the mempool provides).


The PersistentKVStoreApplication wraps the KVStoreApplication and provides two additional features:

  1. persistence of state across app restarts (using Tendermint's ABCI-Handshake mechanism)
  2. validator set changes

The state is persisted in leveldb along with the last block committed, and the Handshake allows any necessary blocks to be replayed. Validator set changes are effected using the following transaction format:


where power1 is the new voting power for the validator with pubkey1 (possibly a new one). There is no sybil protection against new validators joining. Validators can be removed by setting their power to 0.




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const (
	ValidatorSetChangePrefix string = "val:"


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var (
	ProtocolVersion version.Protocol = 0x1


func InitKVStore

func InitKVStore(app *PersistentKVStoreApplication)

    InitKVStore initializes the kvstore app with some data, which allows tests to pass and is fine as long as you don't make any tx that modify the validator state

    func MakeValSetChangeTx

    func MakeValSetChangeTx(pubkey types.PubKey, power int64) []byte

    func RandVal

    func RandVal(i int) types.ValidatorUpdate

      RandVal creates one random validator, with a key derived from the input value

      func RandVals

      func RandVals(cnt int) []types.ValidatorUpdate

        RandVals returns a list of cnt validators for initializing the application. Note that the keys are deterministically derived from the index in the array, while the power is random (Change this if not desired)


        type KVStoreApplication

        type KVStoreApplication struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        func NewKVStoreApplication

        func NewKVStoreApplication() *KVStoreApplication

        func (*KVStoreApplication) CheckTx

        func (app *KVStoreApplication) CheckTx(tx []byte) types.ResponseCheckTx

        func (*KVStoreApplication) Commit

        func (app *KVStoreApplication) Commit() types.ResponseCommit

        func (*KVStoreApplication) DeliverTx

        func (app *KVStoreApplication) DeliverTx(tx []byte) types.ResponseDeliverTx

          tx is either "key=value" or just arbitrary bytes

          func (*KVStoreApplication) Info

          func (app *KVStoreApplication) Info(req types.RequestInfo) (resInfo types.ResponseInfo)

          func (*KVStoreApplication) Query

          func (app *KVStoreApplication) Query(reqQuery types.RequestQuery) (resQuery types.ResponseQuery)

          type PersistentKVStoreApplication

          type PersistentKVStoreApplication struct {
          	// validator set
          	ValUpdates []types.ValidatorUpdate
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          func NewPersistentKVStoreApplication

          func NewPersistentKVStoreApplication(dbDir string) *PersistentKVStoreApplication

          func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) BeginBlock

            Track the block hash and header information

            func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) CheckTx

            func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) Commit

              Commit will panic if InitChain was not called

              func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) DeliverTx

                tx is either "val:pubkey/power" or "key=value" or just arbitrary bytes

                func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) EndBlock

                  Update the validator set

                  func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) Info

                  func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) InitChain

                    Save the validators in the merkle tree

                    func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) Query

                    func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) SetLogger

                    func (app *PersistentKVStoreApplication) SetLogger(l log.Logger)

                    func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) SetOption

                    func (*PersistentKVStoreApplication) Validators

                    func (app *PersistentKVStoreApplication) Validators() (validators []types.ValidatorUpdate)

                    type State

                    type State struct {
                    	Size    int64  `json:"size"`
                    	Height  int64  `json:"height"`
                    	AppHash []byte `json:"app_hash"`
                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields