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func Copy

func Copy(src, dst string) error

Copy the src file to dst. Any existing file will be overwritten and will not copy file attributes. Source:

func GetCurrentPath

func GetCurrentPath() (string, error)

GetCurrentPath Getting P2PRC Directory from environment variable

func GetPathP2PRC

func GetPathP2PRC() (string, error)

GetPathP2PRC Getting P2PRC Directory from environment variable

func SetDefaults

func SetDefaults() error

SetDefaults This function to be called only during a make install

func SetEnvName

func SetEnvName(EnvName string) error

SetEnvName Sets the environment name This is to ensure that the Path of your project is detected from your environment variable This is useful when extending the use case of P2PRC


type Config

type Config struct {
	IPTable                  string
	DockerContainers         string
	DefaultDockerFile        string
	SpeedTestFile            string
	IPV6Address              string
	PluginPath               string
	TrackContainersPath      string
	ServerPort               string
	GroupTrackContainersPath string

func ConfigInit

func ConfigInit() (*Config, error)

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