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Published: Oct 24, 2021 License: GPL-2.0 Imports: 18 Imported by: 0


Docker Module P2P-rendering-computation 

This module is incharge to spin up docker contaianers , create 
SSH server and VNC server. This module is implemented using 




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func StopAndRemoveContainer

func StopAndRemoveContainer(containername string) error

StopAndRemoveContainer Stop and remove a container Reference (


type DockerContainer

type DockerContainer struct {
	ContainerName        string `json:"DockerContainerName"`
	ContainerDescription string `json:"ContainerDescription"`

type DockerContainers

type DockerContainers struct {
	DockerContainer []DockerContainer `json:"DockerContainer"`

func ViewAllContainers

func ViewAllContainers() (*DockerContainers, error)

ViewAllContainers returns all containers runnable and which can be built

type DockerVM

type DockerVM struct {
	SSHUsername string `json:"SSHUsername"`
	SSHPassword string `json:"SSHPassword"`
	ID          string `json:"ID"`
	TagName     string `json:"TagName"`
	ImagePath   string `json:"ImagePath"`
	Ports       Ports  `json:"Ports"`
	GPU         string `json:"GPU"`

func BuildRunContainer

func BuildRunContainer(NumPorts int, GPU string, ContainerName string) (*DockerVM, error)

BuildRunContainer Function is incharge to invoke building and running contianer and also allocating external ports

type ErrorDetail

type ErrorDetail struct {
	Message string `json:"message"`

type ErrorLine

type ErrorLine struct {
	Error       string      `json:"error"`
	ErrorDetail ErrorDetail `json:"errorDetail"`

type Port

type Port struct {
	PortName     string `json:"PortName"`
	InternalPort int    `json:"InternalPort"`
	Type         string `json:"Type"`
	ExternalPort int    `json:"ExternalPort"`
	IsUsed       bool   `json:"IsUsed"`
	Description  string `json:"Description"`

type Ports

type Ports struct {
	PortSet []Port `json:"Port"`

func OpenPortsFile

func OpenPortsFile(filename string) (*Ports, error)

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