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Published: May 14, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


Package client provides HTTP clients for accessing remote services.


func Get

func Get(ctx *b.Context, spec m.Map, addr string, data map[string][]string) string

func PollStep

func PollStep(ctx *b.Context) (loop bool)

func PostData

func PostData(ctx *b.Context, spec m.Map, url string, pdata io.Reader) string

func PostMessage

func PostMessage(ctx *b.Context, spec m.Map, msg *b.Message) string

func SendData

func SendData(ctx *b.Context, spec m.Map, msg *b.Message)

func SendMessage

func SendMessage(ctx *b.Context, spec m.Map, msg *b.Message)

func SetAuthentication

func SetAuthentication(ctx *b.Context, spec m.Map, req *http.Request)

func SetSession

func SetSession(ctx *b.Context, spec m.Map, msg *b.Message)

func StartClient

func StartClient(ctx *b.Context)

func Sync

func Sync(ctx *b.Context, spec m.Map, msg *b.Message)

type ClientState

type ClientState struct {
	ErrorLevel int
	SessionId  string

func (*ClientState) GetSessionMailbox

func (st *ClientState) GetSessionMailbox(string) chan b.Message

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