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type Animation

type Animation struct {

	Collection map[*forest.Reply]*ReplyAnimationState
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Animation maintains animation states per reply.

func (*Animation) Lookup

func (a *Animation) Lookup(r *forest.Reply, s ReplyStatus) *ReplyAnimationState

Lookup animation state for the given reply. If state doesn't exist, it will be created with using `s` as the beginning status.

func (*Animation) Update

func (a *Animation) Update(gtx layout.Context, r *forest.Reply, s ReplyStatus) *ReplyAnimationState

Update animation state for the given reply.

type Composer

type Composer struct {
	CommunityList layout.List
	Community     widget.Enum

	SendButton, CancelButton, PasteButton widget.Clickable

	ReplyingTo ds.ReplyData
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Composer holds the state for a widget that creates new arbor nodes.

func (Composer) Composing

func (c Composer) Composing() bool

Composing indicates whether the composer is composing a message of any kind.

func (*Composer) ComposingConversation

func (c *Composer) ComposingConversation() bool

ComposingConversation returns whether the composer is currently creating a conversation (rather than a new reply within an existing conversation)

func (*Composer) Events

func (c *Composer) Events() (out []ComposerEvent)

Events returns state change events for the composer since the last call to events.

func (*Composer) Layout

func (c *Composer) Layout(gtx layout.Context) layout.Dimensions

Layout updates the state of the composer

func (*Composer) Reset

func (c *Composer) Reset()

Reset clears the internal state of the composer.

func (*Composer) StartConversation

func (c *Composer) StartConversation()

StartConversation configures the composer to write a new conversation.

func (*Composer) StartReply

func (c *Composer) StartReply(to ds.ReplyData)

StartReply configures the composer to write a reply to the provided ReplyData.

type ComposerEvent

type ComposerEvent uint

ComposerEvent represents a change in the Composer's state

const (
	ComposerSubmitted ComposerEvent = iota

type MessageList

type MessageList struct {
	ShouldHide     func(reply ds.ReplyData) bool
	StatusOf       func(reply ds.ReplyData) ReplyStatus
	HiddenChildren func(reply ds.ReplyData) int
	UserIsActive   func(identity *fields.QualifiedHash) bool

type Polyclick

type Polyclick struct {
	Pass bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Polyclick can detect and report a variety of gesture interactions within a single pointer input area.

func (*Polyclick) Clicks

func (p *Polyclick) Clicks() (out []widget.Click)

func (*Polyclick) Layout

func (p *Polyclick) Layout(gtx layout.Context) layout.Dimensions

func (*Polyclick) LongPressed

func (p *Polyclick) LongPressed() bool

type Reply

type Reply struct {
	Hash    *fields.QualifiedHash
	Content string

Reply holds ui state for each reply.

func (*Reply) WithContent

func (r *Reply) WithContent(s string) *Reply

func (*Reply) WithHash

func (r *Reply) WithHash(h *fields.QualifiedHash) *Reply

type ReplyAnimationState

type ReplyAnimationState struct {
	Begin, End ReplyStatus

ReplyAnimationState holds the state of an in-progress animation for a reply. The anim.Normal field defines how far through the animation the node is, and the Begin and End fields define the two states that the node is transitioning between.

type ReplyStatus

type ReplyStatus int
const (
	None ReplyStatus = 1 << iota
	// Anchor indicates that this node is visible, but its descendants have been
	// hidden.
	// Hidden indicates that this node is not currently visible.

type States

type States struct {
	Buffer  []Reply
	Current int

States implements a buffer of reply states such that memory is reused each frame, yet grows as the view expands to hold more replies.

func (*States) Begin

func (s *States) Begin()

Begin resets the buffer to the start.

func (*States) Next

func (s *States) Next() *Reply

type TextForm

type TextForm struct {
	TextField    materials.TextField
	SubmitButton widget.Clickable
	PasteButton  widget.Clickable
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TextForm holds the theme-independent state of a simple form that allows a user to provide a single text value and supports pasting. It can be submitted with either the submit button or pressing enter on the keyboard.

func (*TextForm) Layout

func (c *TextForm) Layout(gtx layout.Context) layout.Dimensions

func (*TextForm) Submitted

func (c *TextForm) Submitted() bool


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