Package gossip is a generated protocol buffer package.

    It is generated from these files:

    It has these top-level messages:




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    type Update

    type Update struct {
    	// unique id of update
    	Id string `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=id,proto3" json:"id,omitempty"`
    	// unix nano timestamp of update
    	Timestamp uint64 `protobuf:"varint,2,opt,name=timestamp,proto3" json:"timestamp,omitempty"`
    	// time to live for entry
    	Expires uint64 `protobuf:"varint,3,opt,name=expires,proto3" json:"expires,omitempty"`
    	// type of update; service
    	Type string `protobuf:"bytes,4,opt,name=type,proto3" json:"type,omitempty"`
    	// what action is taken; add, del, put
    	Action string `protobuf:"bytes,5,opt,name=action,proto3" json:"action,omitempty"`
    	// any other associated metadata about the data
    	Metadata map[string]string `` /* 157-byte string literal not displayed */
    	// the payload data;
    	Data                 []byte   `protobuf:"bytes,7,opt,name=data,proto3" json:"data,omitempty"`
    	XXX_NoUnkeyedLiteral struct{} `json:"-"`
    	XXX_unrecognized     []byte   `json:"-"`
    	XXX_sizecache        int32    `json:"-"`

      Update is the message broadcast

      func (*Update) Descriptor

      func (*Update) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

      func (*Update) GetAction

      func (m *Update) GetAction() string

      func (*Update) GetData

      func (m *Update) GetData() []byte

      func (*Update) GetExpires

      func (m *Update) GetExpires() uint64

      func (*Update) GetId

      func (m *Update) GetId() string

      func (*Update) GetMetadata

      func (m *Update) GetMetadata() map[string]string

      func (*Update) GetTimestamp

      func (m *Update) GetTimestamp() uint64

      func (*Update) GetType

      func (m *Update) GetType() string

      func (*Update) ProtoMessage

      func (*Update) ProtoMessage()

      func (*Update) Reset

      func (m *Update) Reset()

      func (*Update) String

      func (m *Update) String() string

      func (*Update) XXX_DiscardUnknown

      func (m *Update) XXX_DiscardUnknown()

      func (*Update) XXX_Marshal

      func (m *Update) XXX_Marshal(b []byte, deterministic bool) ([]byte, error)

      func (*Update) XXX_Merge

      func (dst *Update) XXX_Merge(src proto.Message)

      func (*Update) XXX_Size

      func (m *Update) XXX_Size() int

      func (*Update) XXX_Unmarshal

      func (m *Update) XXX_Unmarshal(b []byte) error