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Published: Feb 28, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package httplib is used as http.Client Usage:

import ""

	b := httplib.Post("")
	b.PostFile("uploadfile1", "httplib.pdf")
	b.PostFile("uploadfile2", "httplib.txt")
	str, err := b.String()
	if err != nil {

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func SetDefaultSetting

func SetDefaultSetting(setting BeegoHTTPSettings)

SetDefaultSetting Overwrite default settings

func TimeoutDialer

func TimeoutDialer(cTimeout time.Duration, rwTimeout time.Duration) func(net, addr string) (c net.Conn, err error)

TimeoutDialer returns functions of connection dialer with timeout settings for http.Transport Dial field.

type BeegoHTTPRequest

type BeegoHTTPRequest struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BeegoHTTPRequest provides more useful methods for requesting one url than http.Request.

func Delete

func Delete(url string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Delete returns *BeegoHttpRequest DELETE method.

func Get

func Get(url string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Get returns *BeegoHttpRequest with GET method.

func Head(url string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Head returns *BeegoHttpRequest with HEAD method.

func NewBeegoRequest

func NewBeegoRequest(rawurl, method string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

NewBeegoRequest return *BeegoHttpRequest with specific method

func Post

func Post(url string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Post returns *BeegoHttpRequest with POST method.

func Put

func Put(url string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Put returns *BeegoHttpRequest with PUT method.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) Body

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) Body(data interface{}) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Body adds request raw body. it supports string and []byte.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) Bytes

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) Bytes() ([]byte, error)

Bytes returns the body []byte in response. it calls Response inner.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) Debug

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) Debug(isdebug bool) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Debug sets show debug or not when executing request.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) DoRequest

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) DoRequest() (resp *http.Response, err error)

DoRequest will do the client.Do

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) DumpBody

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) DumpBody(isdump bool) *BeegoHTTPRequest

DumpBody setting whether need to Dump the Body.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) DumpRequest

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) DumpRequest() []byte

DumpRequest return the DumpRequest

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) GetRequest

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) GetRequest() *http.Request

GetRequest return the request object

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) Header

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) Header(key, value string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Header add header item string in request.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) JSONBody

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) JSONBody(obj interface{}) (*BeegoHTTPRequest, error)

JSONBody adds request raw body encoding by JSON.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) Param

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) Param(key, value string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Param adds query param in to request. params build query string as ?key1=value1&key2=value2...

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) PostFile

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) PostFile(formname, filename string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

PostFile add a post file to the request

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) Response

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) Response() (*http.Response, error)

Response executes request client gets response mannually.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) Retries

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) Retries(times int) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Retries sets Retries times. default is 0 means no retried. -1 means retried forever. others means retried times.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetBasicAuth

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetBasicAuth(username, password string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetBasicAuth sets the request's Authorization header to use HTTP Basic Authentication with the provided username and password.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetCheckRedirect

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetCheckRedirect(redirect func(req *http.Request, via []*http.Request) error) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetCheckRedirect specifies the policy for handling redirects.

If CheckRedirect is nil, the Client uses its default policy, which is to stop after 10 consecutive requests.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetCookie

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetCookie(cookie *http.Cookie) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetCookie add cookie into request.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetEnableCookie

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetEnableCookie(enable bool) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetEnableCookie sets enable/disable cookiejar

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetHost

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetHost(host string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetHost set the request host

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetProtocolVersion

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetProtocolVersion(vers string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetProtocolVersion Set the protocol version for incoming requests. Client requests always use HTTP/1.1.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetProxy

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetProxy(proxy func(*http.Request) (*url.URL, error)) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetProxy set the http proxy example:

func(req *http.Request) (*url.URL, error) {
	u, _ := url.ParseRequestURI("")
	return u, nil

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetTLSClientConfig

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetTLSClientConfig(config *tls.Config) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetTLSClientConfig sets tls connection configurations if visiting https url.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetTimeout

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetTimeout(connectTimeout, readWriteTimeout time.Duration) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetTimeout sets connect time out and read-write time out for BeegoRequest.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetTransport

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetTransport(transport http.RoundTripper) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetTransport set the setting transport

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) SetUserAgent

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) SetUserAgent(useragent string) *BeegoHTTPRequest

SetUserAgent sets User-Agent header field

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) Setting

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) Setting(setting BeegoHTTPSettings) *BeegoHTTPRequest

Setting Change request settings

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) String

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) String() (string, error)

String returns the body string in response. it calls Response inner.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) ToFile

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) ToFile(filename string) error

ToFile saves the body data in response to one file. it calls Response inner.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) ToJSON

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) ToJSON(v interface{}) error

ToJSON returns the map that marshals from the body bytes as json in response . it calls Response inner.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) ToXML

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) ToXML(v interface{}) error

ToXML returns the map that marshals from the body bytes as xml in response . it calls Response inner.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) ToYAML

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) ToYAML(v interface{}) error

ToYAML returns the map that marshals from the body bytes as yaml in response . it calls Response inner.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) XMLBody

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) XMLBody(obj interface{}) (*BeegoHTTPRequest, error)

XMLBody adds request raw body encoding by XML.

func (*BeegoHTTPRequest) YAMLBody

func (b *BeegoHTTPRequest) YAMLBody(obj interface{}) (*BeegoHTTPRequest, error)

YAMLBody adds request raw body encoding by YAML.

type BeegoHTTPSettings

type BeegoHTTPSettings struct {
	ShowDebug        bool
	UserAgent        string
	ConnectTimeout   time.Duration
	ReadWriteTimeout time.Duration
	TLSClientConfig  *tls.Config
	Proxy            func(*http.Request) (*url.URL, error)
	Transport        http.RoundTripper
	CheckRedirect    func(req *http.Request, via []*http.Request) error
	EnableCookie     bool
	Gzip             bool
	DumpBody         bool
	Retries          int // if set to -1 means will retry forever

BeegoHTTPSettings is the http.Client setting

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