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type ZapLogger

type ZapLogger struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ZapLogger wrapper for zap

func NewZapLogger

func NewZapLogger(logger *zap.Logger) *ZapLogger

NewZapLogger export

func (*ZapLogger) Error

func (zl *ZapLogger) Error(args ...interface{})

Error in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) Errorf

func (zl *ZapLogger) Errorf(format string, args ...interface{})

Errorf in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) Errorln

func (zl *ZapLogger) Errorln(args ...interface{})

Errorln in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) Fatal

func (zl *ZapLogger) Fatal(args ...interface{})

Fatal in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) Fatalf

func (zl *ZapLogger) Fatalf(format string, args ...interface{})

Fatalf logs to fatal level

func (*ZapLogger) Fatalln

func (zl *ZapLogger) Fatalln(args ...interface{})

Fatalln in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) Info

func (zl *ZapLogger) Info(args ...interface{})

Info in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) Infof

func (zl *ZapLogger) Infof(format string, args ...interface{})

Infof in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) Infoln

func (zl *ZapLogger) Infoln(args ...interface{})

Infoln in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) V

func (zl *ZapLogger) V(v int) bool

V reports whether verbosity level l is at least the requested verbose level.

func (*ZapLogger) Warning

func (zl *ZapLogger) Warning(args ...interface{})

Warning in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) Warningf

func (zl *ZapLogger) Warningf(format string, args ...interface{})

Warningf in sugar

func (*ZapLogger) Warningln

func (zl *ZapLogger) Warningln(args ...interface{})

Warningln in sugar

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