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func AccountHandler

func AccountHandler(c *gin.Context)

AccountHandler 帐号信息

func ChangePasswordHandler

func ChangePasswordHandler(c *gin.Context)

ChangePasswordHandler 修改密码

func FeedbackAddHandler

func FeedbackAddHandler(c *gin.Context)

FeedbackAddHandler 资源添加

func FeedbackChangeHandler

func FeedbackChangeHandler(c *gin.Context)

FeedbackChangeHandler 资源编辑

func FeedbackDeleteHandler

func FeedbackDeleteHandler(c *gin.Context)

FeedbackDeleteHandler 资源删除

func FeedbackDetailHandler

func FeedbackDetailHandler(c *gin.Context)

FeedbackDetailHandler 资源详情

func FeedbackHandler

func FeedbackHandler(c *gin.Context)

FeedbackHandler 资源信息

func GetPasswordHandler

func GetPasswordHandler(c *gin.Context)

GetPasswordHandler 找回密码

func HomeHandler

func HomeHandler(c *gin.Context)

HomeHandler 首页信息

func LoginHandler

func LoginHandler(c *gin.Context)

LoginHandler 帐号登录

func LogoutHandler

func LogoutHandler(c *gin.Context)

LogoutHandler 帐号注销

func NotFoundHandler

func NotFoundHandler(c *gin.Context)

NotFoundHandler 网页未找到

func RegisterHandler

func RegisterHandler(c *gin.Context)

RegisterHandler 帐号注册

func URLAddHandler

func URLAddHandler(c *gin.Context)

URLAddHandler 资源添加

func URLChangeHandler

func URLChangeHandler(c *gin.Context)

URLChangeHandler 资源编辑

func URLDeleteHandler

func URLDeleteHandler(c *gin.Context)

URLDeleteHandler 资源删除

func URLDetailHandler

func URLDetailHandler(c *gin.Context)

URLDetailHandler 资源详情

func URLHandler

func URLHandler(c *gin.Context)

URLHandler 资源信息

func UserAddHandler

func UserAddHandler(c *gin.Context)

UserAddHandler 用户添加

func UserChangeHandler

func UserChangeHandler(c *gin.Context)

UserChangeHandler 用户编辑

func UserDeleteHandler

func UserDeleteHandler(c *gin.Context)

UserDeleteHandler 用户删除

func UserDetailHandler

func UserDetailHandler(c *gin.Context)

UserDetailHandler 用户详情

func UserHandler

func UserHandler(c *gin.Context)

UserHandler 用户信息

func VersionAddHandler

func VersionAddHandler(c *gin.Context)

VersionAddHandler 版本添加

func VersionChangeHandler

func VersionChangeHandler(c *gin.Context)

VersionChangeHandler 版本编辑

func VersionDeleteHandler

func VersionDeleteHandler(c *gin.Context)

VersionDeleteHandler 版本删除

func VersionDetailHandler

func VersionDetailHandler(c *gin.Context)

VersionDetailHandler 版本详情

func VersionHandler

func VersionHandler(c *gin.Context)

VersionHandler 版本信息

func VideoAddHandler

func VideoAddHandler(c *gin.Context)

VideoAddHandler 视频添加

func VideoChangeHandler

func VideoChangeHandler(c *gin.Context)

VideoChangeHandler 视频编辑

func VideoDeleteHandler

func VideoDeleteHandler(c *gin.Context)

VideoDeleteHandler 视频删除

func VideoDetailHandler

func VideoDetailHandler(c *gin.Context)

VideoDetailHandler 视频详情

func VideoHandler

func VideoHandler(c *gin.Context)

VideoHandler 视频信息


type RequestAccount

type RequestAccount struct {
	NewPassword     string `form:"newpassword" json:"newpassword"`
	ConfirmPassword string `form:"confirmpassword" json:"confirmpassword"`

RequestAccount 结构体

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