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func CopyFile

func CopyFile(src, dst string) (int64, error)

    CopyFile copies from src to dst until either EOF is reached on src or an error occurs. It verifies src exists and removes the dst if it exists.

    func CreateIfNotExists

    func CreateIfNotExists(path string, isDir bool) error

      CreateIfNotExists creates a file or a directory only if it does not already exist.

      func GetTotalUsedFds

      func GetTotalUsedFds() int

        GetTotalUsedFds Returns the number of used File Descriptors by reading it via /proc filesystem.

        func Matches

        func Matches(file string, patterns []string) (bool, error)

          Matches returns true if file matches any of the patterns and isn't excluded by any of the subsequent patterns.

          func ReadSymlinkedDirectory

          func ReadSymlinkedDirectory(path string) (string, error)

            ReadSymlinkedDirectory returns the target directory of a symlink. The target of the symbolic link may not be a file.


            type Pattern

            type Pattern struct {
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              Pattern defines a single regexp used to filter file paths.

              func (*Pattern) Exclusion

              func (p *Pattern) Exclusion() bool

                Exclusion returns true if this pattern defines exclusion

                func (*Pattern) String

                func (p *Pattern) String() string

                type PatternMatcher

                type PatternMatcher struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  PatternMatcher allows checking paths against a list of patterns

                  func NewPatternMatcher

                  func NewPatternMatcher(patterns []string) (*PatternMatcher, error)

                    NewPatternMatcher creates a new matcher object for specific patterns that can be used later to match against patterns against paths

                    func (*PatternMatcher) Exclusions

                    func (pm *PatternMatcher) Exclusions() bool

                      Exclusions returns true if any of the patterns define exclusions

                      func (*PatternMatcher) Matches

                      func (pm *PatternMatcher) Matches(file string) (bool, error)

                        Matches matches path against all the patterns. Matches is not safe to be called concurrently

                        func (*PatternMatcher) Patterns

                        func (pm *PatternMatcher) Patterns() []*Pattern

                          Patterns returns array of active patterns