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type Config

type Config struct {
	// SearchDir the swag would be parse
	SearchDir string

	// OutputDir represents the output directory for al the generated files
	OutputDir string

	// MainAPIFile the Go file path in which 'swagger general API Info' is written
	MainAPIFile string

	// PropNamingStrategy represents property naming strategy like snakecase,camelcase,pascalcase
	PropNamingStrategy string

	// ParseVendor whether swag should be parse vendor folder
	ParseVendor bool

	// ParseDependencies whether swag should be parse outside dependency folder
	ParseDependency bool

	// MarkdownFilesDir used to find markdownfiles, which can be used for tag descriptions
	MarkdownFilesDir string

Config presents Gen configurations.

type Gen

type Gen struct{}

Gen presents a generate tool for swag.

func New

func New() *Gen

New creates a new Gen.

func (*Gen) Build

func (g *Gen) Build(config *Config) error

Build builds swagger json file for given searchDir and mainAPIFile. Returns json

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