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Package wsdlgo provides an encoder from WSDL to Go code.



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type BindingPackageName

type BindingPackageName wsdl.Binding

BindingPackageName formats package name from wsdl binding

func (BindingPackageName) String

func (p BindingPackageName) String() string

type Encoder

type Encoder interface {
	// Encode generates Go code from d.
	Encode(d *wsdl.Definitions) error

	// SetPackageName sets some fmt.Stringer that can produce package name
	SetPackageName(packageName fmt.Stringer)

	// SetClient records the given http client that
	// is used when fetching remote parts of WSDL
	// and WSDL schemas.
	SetClient(c *http.Client)

	// SetLocalNamespace allows overriding of the Namespace in XMLName instead
	// of the one specified in wsdl
	SetLocalNamespace(namespace string)

An Encoder generates Go code from WSDL definitions.

func NewEncoder

func NewEncoder(w io.Writer) Encoder

NewEncoder creates and initializes an Encoder that generates code to w.

type PackageName

type PackageName string

PackageName is just a string with interface

func (PackageName) String

func (p PackageName) String() string

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