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const (
	ESInvalid          = OrderEventEndState("INVALID")
	ESOrderAdded       = OrderEventEndState("ADDED")
	ESOrderFilled      = OrderEventEndState("FILLED")
	ESOrderFullyFilled = OrderEventEndState("FULLY_FILLED")
	ESOrderCancelled   = OrderEventEndState("CANCELLED")
	ESOrderExpired     = OrderEventEndState("EXPIRED")
	ESOrderUnexpired   = OrderEventEndState("UNEXPIRED")
	// An order becomes unfunded if the maker transfers the balance / changes their
	// allowance backing an order
	ESOrderBecameUnfunded = OrderEventEndState("UNFUNDED")
	// Fillability for an order can increase if a previously processed fill event
	// gets reverted, or if a maker tops up their balance/allowance backing an order
	ESOrderFillabilityIncreased = OrderEventEndState("FILLABILITY_INCREASED")
	// Order is potentially still valid but was removed for a different reason
	// (e.g. the database is full or the peer that sent the order was
	// misbehaving). The order will no longer be watched and no further events for
	// this order will be emitted. In some cases, the order may be re-added in the
	// future.
	ESStoppedWatching = OrderEventEndState("STOPPED_WATCHING")

OrderEventEndState values

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const ERC1155AssetDataID = "a7cb5fb7"

ERC1155AssetDataID is the assetDataId for ERC721 tokens

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const ERC20AssetDataID = "f47261b0"

ERC20AssetDataID is the assetDataId for ERC20 tokens

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const ERC721AssetDataID = "02571792"

ERC721AssetDataID is the assetDataId for ERC721 tokens

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const MultiAssetDataID = "94cfcdd7"

MultiAssetDataID is the assetDataId for multiAsset tokens


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type AssetDataDecoder

type AssetDataDecoder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AssetDataDecoder decodes 0x order asset data

func NewAssetDataDecoder

func NewAssetDataDecoder() *AssetDataDecoder

NewAssetDataDecoder instantiates a new asset data decoder

func (*AssetDataDecoder) Decode

func (a *AssetDataDecoder) Decode(assetData []byte, decodedAssetData interface{}) error

Decode decodes an encoded asset data into it's sub-components

func (*AssetDataDecoder) GetName

func (a *AssetDataDecoder) GetName(assetData []byte) (string, error)

GetName returns the name of the assetData type

type ContractEvent

type ContractEvent struct {
	BlockHash  common.Hash
	TxHash     common.Hash
	TxIndex    uint
	LogIndex   uint
	IsRemoved  bool
	Address    common.Address
	Kind       string
	Parameters interface{}

ContractEvent is an event emitted by a smart contract

func (ContractEvent) MarshalJSON

func (c ContractEvent) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON implements a custom JSON marshaller for the ContractEvent type

type ERC1155AssetData

type ERC1155AssetData struct {
	Address      common.Address
	Ids          []*big.Int
	Values       []*big.Int
	CallbackData []byte

ERC1155AssetData represents an ERC1155 assetData

type ERC20AssetData

type ERC20AssetData struct {
	Address common.Address

ERC20AssetData represents an ERC20 assetData

type ERC721AssetData

type ERC721AssetData struct {
	Address common.Address
	TokenId *big.Int

ERC721AssetData represents an ERC721 assetData

type MultiAssetData

type MultiAssetData struct {
	Amounts         []*big.Int
	NestedAssetData [][]byte

MultiAssetData represents an MultiAssetData

type Order

type Order struct {
	ChainID               *big.Int       `json:"chainId"`
	ExchangeAddress       common.Address `json:"exchangeAddress"`
	MakerAddress          common.Address `json:"makerAddress"`
	MakerAssetData        []byte         `json:"makerAssetData"`
	MakerFeeAssetData     []byte         `json:"makerFeeAssetData"`
	MakerAssetAmount      *big.Int       `json:"makerAssetAmount"`
	MakerFee              *big.Int       `json:"makerFee"`
	TakerAddress          common.Address `json:"takerAddress"`
	TakerAssetData        []byte         `json:"takerAssetData"`
	TakerFeeAssetData     []byte         `json:"takerFeeAssetData"`
	TakerAssetAmount      *big.Int       `json:"takerAssetAmount"`
	TakerFee              *big.Int       `json:"takerFee"`
	SenderAddress         common.Address `json:"senderAddress"`
	FeeRecipientAddress   common.Address `json:"feeRecipientAddress"`
	ExpirationTimeSeconds *big.Int       `json:"expirationTimeSeconds"`
	Salt                  *big.Int       `json:"salt"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Order represents an unsigned 0x order

func (*Order) ComputeOrderHash

func (o *Order) ComputeOrderHash() (common.Hash, error)

ComputeOrderHash computes a 0x order hash

func (*Order) ResetHash

func (o *Order) ResetHash()

ResetHash resets the cached order hash. Usually only required for testing.

type OrderEvent

type OrderEvent struct {
	OrderHash                common.Hash        `json:"orderHash"`
	SignedOrder              *SignedOrder       `json:"signedOrder"`
	EndState                 OrderEventEndState `json:"endState"`
	FillableTakerAssetAmount *big.Int           `json:"fillableTakerAssetAmount"`
	// All the contract events that triggered this orders re-evaluation. They did not
	// all necessarily cause the orders state change itself, only it's re-evaluation.
	// Since it's state _did_ change, at least one of them did cause the actual state change.
	ContractEvents []*ContractEvent `json:"contractEvents"`

OrderEvent is the order event emitted by Mesh nodes on the "orders" topic when calling JSON-RPC method `mesh_subscribe`

func (OrderEvent) MarshalJSON

func (o OrderEvent) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON implements a custom JSON marshaller for the OrderEvent type

func (*OrderEvent) UnmarshalJSON

func (o *OrderEvent) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON implements a custom JSON unmarshaller for the OrderEvent type

type OrderEventEndState

type OrderEventEndState string

OrderEventEndState enumerates all the possible order event types. An OrderEventEndState describes the end state of a 0x order after revalidation

type OrderStatus

type OrderStatus uint8

OrderStatus represents the status of an order as returned from the 0x smart contracts as part of OrderInfo

const (
	OSInvalid OrderStatus = iota

OrderStatus values

type SignatureType

type SignatureType uint8

SignatureType represents the type of 0x signature encountered

const (
	IllegalSignature SignatureType = iota

SignatureType values

type SignedOrder

type SignedOrder struct {
	Signature []byte `json:"signature"`

SignedOrder represents a signed 0x order

func SignOrder

func SignOrder(signer signer.Signer, order *Order) (*SignedOrder, error)

SignOrder signs the 0x order with the supplied Signer

func SignTestOrder

func SignTestOrder(order *Order) (*SignedOrder, error)

SignTestOrder signs the 0x order with the local test signer

func (SignedOrder) MarshalJSON

func (s SignedOrder) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON implements a custom JSON marshaller for the SignedOrder type

func (*SignedOrder) Trim

func (s *SignedOrder) Trim() wrappers.TrimmedOrder

Trim converts the order to a TrimmedOrder, which is the format expected by our smart contracts. It removes the ChainID and ExchangeAddress fields.

func (*SignedOrder) UnmarshalJSON

func (s *SignedOrder) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON implements a custom JSON unmarshaller for the SignedOrder type

type SignedOrderJSON

type SignedOrderJSON struct {
	ChainID               int64  `json:"chainId"`
	ExchangeAddress       string `json:"exchangeAddress"`
	MakerAddress          string `json:"makerAddress"`
	MakerAssetData        string `json:"makerAssetData"`
	MakerFeeAssetData     string `json:"makerFeeAssetData"`
	MakerAssetAmount      string `json:"makerAssetAmount"`
	MakerFee              string `json:"makerFee"`
	TakerAddress          string `json:"takerAddress"`
	TakerAssetData        string `json:"takerAssetData"`
	TakerFeeAssetData     string `json:"takerFeeAssetData"`
	TakerAssetAmount      string `json:"takerAssetAmount"`
	TakerFee              string `json:"takerFee"`
	SenderAddress         string `json:"senderAddress"`
	FeeRecipientAddress   string `json:"feeRecipientAddress"`
	ExpirationTimeSeconds string `json:"expirationTimeSeconds"`
	Salt                  string `json:"salt"`
	Signature             string `json:"signature"`

SignedOrderJSON is an unmodified JSON representation of a SignedOrder


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