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func SetPrincipalInRequest

func SetPrincipalInRequest(r *http.Request, principal Principal) *http.Request

SetPrincipalInRequest sets a token into the request


type OAuthService

type OAuthService interface {
	//VerifyOAuth verify the oAuth tokens and permissions
	VerifyOAuth(next http.Handler) http.Handler

OAuthService the service for verifying OAuth keys

func CreateApigeeOAuth

func CreateApigeeOAuth(keyURL string) OAuthService

CreateApigeeOAuth create an apigee instance of the oauth service

type Principal

type Principal interface {
	//return the identifier of the principal. This should be an immutable value for the principal, otherwise future access to assets is not gaurenteed
	GetSubject() (string, error)

Principal the principal of the JWT token. This interface primarily exists as a means of decoupling auth during the api testing

func GetPrincipalFromRequest

func GetPrincipalFromRequest(r *http.Request) (Principal, error)

GetPrincipalFromRequest get the SSO token from the request

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